Boxy said:
We show it to our SUT on w/e 5 along SERE
SOunds sensible. I did loads of CBRN on w/e 7-9. Have completed CIC now but have still done NO first aid at all.... :roll:

DId some C-IED on a Bn w/e recently. Interesting and relevant stuff, particularly in terms of applying hte thinking to general operations and tactics.
Boxy said:
Not even at CIC?
None whatever. Have done a one hour lesson on Map reading - how to give a grid reference......

I'm not concerned about the map reading but I'm years out of date and out of practice with first aid. Will have to try to get a course with my Bn.
Relevant at Levels 1-3 but only tested at Level 1, Level 2 & 3 is just lessons and Dvd I believe. If you're on DII PM me for the link to the details.
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