Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JD150, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Details of MATT 9 have now been published and are available on DII.
  2. what matt level as this applicable to?
  3. Bit more relevant than teaching CBRN as long as we're following Op Entirety.
  4. We show it to our SUT on w/e 5 along SERE
  5. SOunds sensible. I did loads of CBRN on w/e 7-9. Have completed CIC now but have still done NO first aid at all.... :roll:

    DId some C-IED on a Bn w/e recently. Interesting and relevant stuff, particularly in terms of applying hte thinking to general operations and tactics.
  6. Not even at CIC?
  7. None whatever. Have done a one hour lesson on Map reading - how to give a grid reference......

    I'm not concerned about the map reading but I'm years out of date and out of practice with first aid. Will have to try to get a course with my Bn.
  8. so we are all gonna get the detection equipment to train with then
  9. Relevant at Levels 1-3 but only tested at Level 1, Level 2 & 3 is just lessons and Dvd I believe. If you're on DII PM me for the link to the details.
  10. Cheers for the linky thing,very handy!!