MATT 7 & 8

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by R173, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Could anybody shed some light on further MATTS training being brought in under MATT 7 & 8?
  2. Never heard of it.
  3. Ok, why don't you tell us what you think it is. I personally have never heard of it either.
  4. I thought it was 6 MATTS, then the supersix!
  5. The normal 6 MATT packages remain the same along with WIP's, however i have heard or should i say read on another web page that there are a further two to be added soon, but nothing more was said! So there for i have fielded the question?
  6. Ok, I have done some research.

    MATT 7 - Drill.

    MATT 8 - Underwater Knife fighting.
  7. I work in a training wing and havn't heard anything :?
  8. MATT 7 was always the name given to any gash jobs that needed doing in my limited experience....
  9. Wouldn't be a bad idea though.

    MATT 7 - beating text speak out of the yoof of today.
    MATT 8 - on the bus, off the bus paractice& testing.
  10. i was not aware of it but a freind has just done BCDT at waterbeach a few weekends ago and she mentioned that this is true there will be 2 more matts added in august this year

    rumour control though so not sure
  11. Nothing like common sense to add an additional 2x MATT half way through a year.

    Off of Armynet.
    (First bit is about revised BCDT)
  12. So now we've established when they may be braught in and where it started, does anybody know what they are?

    So much for working in a training wing!!