Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bedfordrl, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. Next time i have to sit through MATT 6 Values and Standards i will seeking out the "Trunk Monkey "button.

    I wish i had known about its existence before...

    Linky thing
  2. Mega!
  3. well worth the time to watch......must remember that one!!!!
  4. An interesting video but does the humour really lend itself to the inclusive homogenous standards we are trying to convey and instill across todays Army within the teaching of MATT 6?

    The fact that the monkey is kept inside a trunk depicts a degree of solitary confinement and, some might say, torture that is simply not acceptable in todays modern forces. Whilst the clearly unprovoked violence visited upon one of societies underpriveliged cast off's who, in stealing the car, is almost certainly simply trying to scrape a living having been poorly treated by the very society that has now allowed him to be subjected to an unprovoked violent attack by a part tortured and abused creature.

    If we take the monkey as a metaphor for the underpriveliged in society we must look at what this video is really trying to say. That the ruling class is allowing , nay, encouraging, the sub classes (as they perceive them to be) to fight amongst themselves.

    I never realised that pretending to be a liberal activist was so much fun :roll: :lol: