Hi Guys

A cry for help - does anyone have access to the MATT6 CD/DVD? I urgently need a copy of the Values and Standards, LOAC and Security presentations. Yes I know they are on the CD/DVD but I don't have it with me - it wasn't in the manual folder and I know I should have checked!

If you can email them to me or have themn somewhere I can download drop me a PM. Would try my unit but its Fri pm and they have all knocked off - bugger!

I've got the LOAC vid on file here, but it's 32.5 MB in size, think that's way too big to email Baz.

Check you PMs mate

Many thanks all assistance greatfully apprecaited.

MATTS Author - no chance! you can keep the job just digging ones self out the brown and merky - otherwise I could have an audiance and a very short presentation! Baz44 making like a pubic hair on a bog seat - very p*ssed off!


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