MATT 6 – A fatal flaw in the plan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goku, May 31, 2006.

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  1. I’ve been reading through the MATT 6 pdf (values and standards) and think I may have spotted a problem with the test.

    It comes with the question and answer sheet :roll:
    See page 35.

    Presuming that the same question sheet is to be used every year, I’ll be getting 100% every year.

    Never mind that the questions are so simple that anything less than 100% shouldn’t be possible, but whoever uploaded the answer sheet to the Internet really is a muppet.

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    The question and answer sheet is also included on MATT 4 (CBRN)
  2. Well spotted. Might be a flaw in the FOI and transparency of army training methods. I'm sure the MATTs PAMs are meant to be training aids given to those instructing MATTs rather than those being tested on them maybe?
  3. Fair point and I did say “presuming“ :D
    When I come to sit MATT 4 & 6, if I’m given the same question sheet as in the pdf files…

    Oh will I be chuckling :D
  4. Getting the questions right is the easy thing, fighting the urge to put the wrong, yet totally comical (and alarmingly truthful answer) is the hard thing!

    "Video Clip 2 - The bar. You see your mate chatting up a Pte's wife. Would you do the right thing?"

    a. Ignore the advice, and go out with her anyway?
    b. Take her number and call her later?
    c. Take the advice and tell her you have changed your mind?
    d. Contact the wife's husband on Ops and let him know the score?

    what about "e. Do (A) then (D)"? :lol:
  5. e. Cover her in oil and set fire to her for being an adulterous whore, as demanded by the 15th century Catholic Church.

    It's a little used, but no less valid option.
  6. Yes the questions are the ones posted on the Internet (although for CBRN you do not answer them all).


    a) the MATT 6 ones are fairly basic assuming you stayed awake in the presentation/dvd
    b) the CBRN ones cover stuff we should know anyway as part of ITDs and only accounts for a small part of the testing process.

    All in all IMHO there are not huge differences (except PFT and Nav inclusion) from the ITDs to the MATTs even at lvl 1.

  7. Who dreams up this stuff anyhow? we did matt 6 the other week with a civvy vicar, we tortured the poor guy!
  8. What about f. Get caught by the Troop Staffy, who threatens to cut off any bloke's nackers who messes about with the wife of a mate on tour :evil:
  9. This question was raised on the roadshow that i went on. The reply was that anyone sad enough to do some prior reading is effectively learning the material anyway and so doing the instructor a favour. They also said that the question banks change every 3 years.
  10. Whoever told you that bollix is just making excuses.
    By giving out the MATTs Q&A you eliminate the need to pay attention to the instructors, and absorb and understand what is being taught.
    In theory I could tip up to MATT 4 & 6 with the answers to the test written down in my note pad, sleep through the lesson, and then pass without putting any effort in.

    You wouldn’t find schools giving students the answers to a test they haven’t sat yet.
    It’s not a test if you already know the answer.

    Cheating used to happen under the old ITD system, it’s encouraging to see that’s encouraged by those who designed MATTs.
  11. Lets face it if you require to cheat on MATT 6 you have probably just come back from a tour at Abu Graib. As for MATT 4 if your instructor allows you to pull out your notebook when being asked those questions, then he is a weak and shouldn't be in charge of any manpower. I don't think that cheating is being encouraged, after all in most distance learning packs i've used the answers are included in the back anyway. The question banks that are provided ensure that you wouldn't know which questions you are going to be asked, as long as the instructor administers the test properly. I agree with you on the point that you wouldn't give school students answers to the tests, but then schools don't teach CBRN (not when i was there anyway!). All these tests are not particulary hard anyway.
  12. You’ve never seen how the ITDs were conducted have you? :roll:

    Fair point but these pdf files aren’t distance learning packs are they.
    If that’s what they were intended to be then why weren’t we either issued them or told to download them ourselves?

    There aren’t that many questions, it wouldn’t take too much trouble to copy them all into a notepad.

    No they’re not and I can’t imagine why anyone should need to cheat.

    I’m simply saying that it’s not very clever to provide the Q&A to a test (even a very basic test) that we haven’t even sat yet.

    Shall we agree to disagree?
    You say it’s a learning aid (although I’m puzzled as to why you would produce a learning aid and not issue it) and I say that whoever published it is a muppet :D
  13. This happens in a number of MATTS (ie CBRN questions). The idea is that you should know these anyway, and if you don't then here are revision guides for you to ensure that you know the subject well enough to pass.
    Either that OR, Heaven forbid, some chap somewhere has dropped an almighty b*ll*ck. Although i can't imagine the British army ever doing that.
  14. Thing is Goku, I now know that you have the answers, so no note pads for you when you sit the test!! :wink:
  15. VerminWA said:

    Goku, if I were you, I would give in while you are almost winning mate.