Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 4th_of_foot, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. With the now almost regular discussion about MATT 2 taking place (do I need to pass PFT/how far is the CFT), I thought I'd change the subject slightly.

    I quote from MATT 4, Section 3, Instructor Test Notes, Page 3.2.2, paragraph 7:-

    "Instructors are not to deliberately expose soldiers to CS by instructing them to unmask except as part of the drills contained in these tests"

    Yeah right 8O

    Comments ?
  2. At the end of the test remove the respirator and get a face full. Best way to raise confidence in the kit!
  3. Never did me any harm, sniff, cough, cough and my eyes have always been bloodshot 8O .

    I think what it refers to were the days of, "Right Pte bloogs, mask off and recite, the RSM is God 20 times" :wink: Which we all did about 4-5 times before being hurled into the daylight and told to stand face in to the wind " Don't worry lad, it will put hairs on yer chest"
  4. Whats wrong with that. Character building I tells ya!
  5. 10 deep breaths and sing the national anthem! :) Didn't do me any harm either.... well, not in the long run... Makes you appreciate your kit more next time!
  6. You're not told to take your mask off purely to be exposed to CS but if it happens in the drillsandyou get a face full, unlucky.

    You're only deliberately exposed once, well it should only be the once, in your career when you are made to take your mask off that isn't part of a drill of some sort.
  7. Good charectar building, in training its something that you've all been through, and so builds the team. Also, the fact that you don't get hit by it when you've got your kit on makes you appreciate the kit more, and to carry out the drills correctly.

    Nothing wrong with it at all.
  8. That is 100% correct FFBox.

    Only in phase 1/recruit training should this happen.

    It is to expose you to the CS, so that, in future you will do the drills properly.

    Any instructor that does this more than once, is going to get caught and rightly dealt with.
  9. Must admit I agree with you, and having been hit with the old trick of 'Resi off, recite name rank & number before you leave', I am now entirely confident in the kit I've been issued.
    But if its written down that you shouldn't do it, then regardless of how beneficial it is, it shouldn't be done.
  10. As I said, it should be done only once in recruit training.
  11. If you get a facefull/lung full when carrying out normal drills - canister change, decontamination, etc, maybe your drills aren't quite what they should be!- alright CS can be unpleasant and yes you should only be deliberately exposed once, but if you get it wrong when it counts there is a higher price to pay!!

  12. o_O

    When a bizarre lightning storm plays havoc with my quantum accelerator and I find myself plunged back in time, waking to find myself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that are not my own and driven by some unknown force to change history for the better, then I will pass on the advice to the guys in the trenches during 1914.