MATT 2 Personal Fitness test 2.4km run

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Sir_Jacob, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. To gain bounty all us part timers must pass Matts. My unit is enforcing a strict pass or fail, fail by 1 second or 20 minutes and and you lose your bounty, so that at the end of the training year if youve failed by 1 second, you lose your bounty, but they are still planning to mobilse us if we are "failed unfit soldiers" who disgracefully fail the PFT by a few seconds ! Whats happening out there in the wider army ? I am sure this is not just a part timer problem, is admin action being taken against regulars who fail it ? befor eanyone comments I've to knock 12 seconds of my time so its realistic, and I am trying
  2. There's links to the MATT documents somewhere in the TA forum, which describe the action to be taken upon failure. It comes down to a retest, and plenty of remedial PT (bang goes your free time). I'd imagine a few 'chats' with the hiearchy too. If you still fail then admin action can be taken, including up to discharge I think. I'm not an authority, look up the MATT regs for the truth.
  3. 1 minute or 1 second, its a tough call to be sure but I'm afraid a miss is a miss and the line has to be drawn somewhere.

  4. Its a simple case of black and white - as slop jockey says

    If you beat the time, youve passed, if you dont then youve failed.

    Bonus though - youre intellegent enough to worry about it now, you can do something about it now.

    leaving it to the last minute is not a good option then.

    p.s. if the regs fail, they still get deployed, and remedial PT at 0600
  5. So who would take them for remedial PT? and when? most TA units probably schedule PT about once or twice a month, and the soldiers have no real obligation to attend!

    This is not a slight on TA soldiers, I am sure most will have no problem passing the tests but I do not foresee any being kicked out for not passing the PFT standard - Recruitment and retention are the big words in the TA these days.

    Link to MATTs

    A little tale that I heard earlier this week suggested that the PFT, for TA in this training year only, may only have to be attempted in order to qualify for Bounty.

    Stands by to be corrected.

    Any truth in it?
  7. Not want to get all padantic but surely getting of your arse and doing it for yourself is the best way forward.

    I agree that having to attend a PT session is a great motivator but actually doing it for yourself demonstrates strength of charactor and the inner desire to acheive a desired target.

    Its another tough call, personal pride over another night on the couch.

    There are no right answers but I can show you a few wrong ones.
  8. I completely agree, but I was trying to make the point that the TA do not have the PT staff that the regulars have, so remedial training will simply not happen.

    For better or worse in terms of fitness the TA are on their own. I personally think this is a good thing as the onus of responsibility is placed firmly on the individual.

    I would be very interested if soldiers lose their bounty or are discharged through repeated failure or non-attendance of the test.
  9. pft is pass or fail but no longer is part of the bounty qualifications - just the cft.
  10. Care to qualify that with some facts, please.
  11. Its is a tough call but life is tough
    If you fail then I am afraid you fail. There is a standard to be met. This should push you to try harder and conquer this problem and not to think how hard done by you are. Remember the British Army is the best because it conquers in adversity!! (most of its own making)

    Work hard and you can come in well within time. Not only will you feel you have achieved something but you can then stand on the right side of the fence and look at others.

    Its about standards simple as. remember these standards are the min you should achieve not the max!!


    P.S Thats from an old fart of an Infanteer who has 11 and a half minutes to complete it, but still does it in 9 and a half out of personal pride - no matter how much I ache later!!
  12. written in stone and passed to unit level (by at least one bde i know, certain on mine) last fri 10th nov.
  13. So, even if an individual fails the PFT but passes their CFT, then they get a bounty? (Taking it that all other MATTS are passed). I was told that this years PFT is just an attempt and next year it must be passed, is it just for this year or is it the standard for the coming years?

    I think I heard that about 12 months or so ago when MATTS first came in, thought it was boll0cks.

  14. On the subject of MATTS 2 but not the run (its a one-off question, cant be arrsed with a new thread for it)... mentions in the online PDF jobby (located in the TA forum) that during the pushups test, you have 2 minutes to complete the 44 pushups neccessary and a rest may be taken during the time by the individual, and this may be in any rest position - does this mean that on reaching 40 odd pushups someone can stop, have a breather for 30 seconds, then crack on with the last few, or do they have to "rest" in the pushup position?

    cheers for clearing this up I've heard both.
  15. Baz

    I am in complete agreement with you. However you are an infanteer and I am sure anyone failing a fitness test from your unit would get read the riot act and be put through a rigorous remedial programme. I assure you though this is not the case in certain other elements of the Army!

    I know of many SNCO's/WO's who have not passed a fitness test (or indeed attempted one) in many a year. These soldiers still get outstanding reports and are promoted regularly. How do they get away with it? Well for starters never underestimate the cunning of an experienced soldier! they can also duck, weave and parry like a young Ali.

    Truth is that most of them are very good at their trade and excellent managers and indispensable to many a regular and TA unit. But i do agree that it is a poor example to our younger soldiers and shows a worrying lack of character.