Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Retd_crab, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Tried to post this earlier but I think it failed. Found this amongst my fathers things from 1942 when he was a lad.
  2. How did your dad and you keep it free of grubby schoolboy finger prints. A goodly find, how about showing us the inside pages, in case we fancy knocking up Matilda.

  3. Trying to upload them but Internet is failing so far

    Still being difficult
  4. Go on the internet and grab a copy of IRFANVIEW. You open your scans or pics with it and use it to resize them (both actual and dots per inch) to make them fit beneath the upload maximums of the site.

    Example, open pic, click Image for drop down, click Resize, pick smaller size from list on right and perhaps change dots per inch on left to something smaller (but at least 32 or better).

    Then File, Save As, and select .JPG as the extension, making sure all of the boxes which add bulk are unchecked. If you also download the RIOT plugin to add to Irfanview, you can specify a target size.

  5. Hopefully it's better this morning

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  6. Other side

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  7. An interesting tank. It frightened Rommel witless at Arras, and then the Iteys in the desert.

    After it was superceded by larger things in the Middle East a batch was sent to Oz and used in New Guinea and Borneo. Nothing the Japs had could touch it except for a medium field piece or a brave fool sharing a hole with a 500lb bomb. The Oz Army also came up with a flamethrower (Frog) and something armed with spigot mortars ex RAN Hedgehog throwers. I would not have liked to have been inside the last when it went off...
  8. Brilliant poster book. Very envious, would love to have it in my collection.

    Interesting choice of tanks on the poster:

    Valentine was a private industry project by Vickers, over 7,000 were built of which more than half were sent to the Russians.

    The Covananter was never used in action (for which many were thankfull), many were built but it had major overheating issues and was even more unreliable than most British Tanks.

    Matilda - covered above, but sadly the Germans being the clever chaps they were soon found out that the 88mm AA gun in a ground role could destroy the Matilda (this was at Arras).

    The Crusader suffered from very weak tracks and as with all above was undergunned. When it worked is was very fast!

    P.S. Good to see the right cap badges are on ther poster!

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Strangely, it was one of the few western armoured vehicles which the Russians liked too.

  10. An old lad who was in Crusaders told me they were great tanks if you got a good one. Most problems (He said) came from their fantastic speed. Drivers would wind them up from standing like a sports car which strained the gearbox and stretched the tracks.
    Air filters got clogged super fast and steering could go wibble at the most inconvenient moment.
    Also he said it was the first tank he had been in that he felt he could get out of in a hurry.

    Anyone know how they fared armour wise?
  11. The prototype wasn't that hot by the looks but the MkII was a big improvement.


  12. There is an interesting mention of the soon to come, but still secret, Churchill Tank by Lord Beaverbrook.
  13. The only thing they had in common was the name.
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  14. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Just the other day my 91 y o neighbour was telling me he worked on Matildas during the war. Something to do with waterproofing them.
  15. Bonnacon, the Crusader MkI had a maximum of 40mm on the front, increased to 50mm on the MkII and MkIII. Bizarrely the Krauts liked the tank as it was faster than anything they had on tracks.