Maths test (tst)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ben123, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. I've got RSC on the 13/14th of feb.
    Just been told that as im applying for the RE I will need to do the maths test at selection.
    Does anyone no how hard the test is and what the questiona are like?

  2. Let me see, February has 28 days, so 13/14th must be 26th Feb. :roll:
  3. Yeah I've done the test. Piece of p1ss. Learn fractions, and have a little go with simultanious equations (I didn't learn the simultanious eqautions and still passed, not many questions on them). Ratios are easy too. It was all quite basic really, just needed a bit of logic. Learn your fractions and you'll be alright.

    Putteesinmyhands? You've lost me there, RSC is a two day thing.
  4. Sorry, I've been staring at this screen for the last 14 hours and I've gone into a little world of my own.

    13/14 is a fraction. "Of" is a mathematical term that means "multiplied by." So 13/14 of (multiplied by) February (which has 28 days) = 26.

    I'll be alright after I've had some sleep. (Alright is a relative term).
  5. Ben 123 this is the test syllabus


    Whole Number Division
    Decimal Addition
    Decimal Subtraction
    Decimal Multiplication
    Decimal Devision
    Fraction Addition
    Fraction Multiplication
    Fraction Division
    Fraction Conversion
    Metric Unit Conversion
    Arithmetic Progression
    Standard Form
    Significant Figures
    Simultaneous Equations
    Graphical Interpretation

    good luck!
  6. do everyone need to go for TST as im going for infantry?
  7. No you don't though I suspect the army being what it is, they might tell you to do it anyway.

    But the answer is no.

    Does anyone know if quadratic equations (completing the square, factorising quadratic eqns, that quadratic forumula with square root and 4ab in it, etc ) will be tested?

    Also, since it is a mutiple choice, am I right to assume that they won't ask you to sketch out eg 4x2+2x-1=0 or even y=2x-1 on a graph?
  8. You are confusing things now - seeing as recruits come from all walks of life they will apply standard deviation of a continuous random variable prior to deciding what questions to ask.
  9. :p

    I get the point but hopefully the...younger members of this site, having done their GCSEs less than a decade or more ago will understand my qn!

  10. I think there was one quadratic equation question, literally expand the brackets, fortunately for me there was no factorising, as it goes way over my head. There are also area questions, most difficult being, work out the area of this square, that has a hole in the middle, best ting to do is just have a read of a gcse revision book on the train.
  11. 29 Days in febuary actually :roll: Engineers was my second choice and i passed the test with 33. you only need 16 to pass it.
  12. Thanks! I won't expend too much energy studying that then.
  13. do we get calculators??
  14. ironeye,

    You can use a calculator and they usually supply some, but I would urge you to bring your own one!
  15. Nowah.

    Actually, numbnuts, there are 28 days and an R in February, only leap years have 29.