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Hey what have people used to revis for the maths test at adsc for the tech trades. I'm thinking of getting a gcse revesion guide. Would I require a higher course one or foundation. Thanks for any advice from people who have been through the test.
Do the online TST test on the army website without any revision, then if you struggle on any of it go to the BBC bitesize website and revise what you struggled on.
I struggled a bit on the simultaneous equations, factorizing and other algebraeic questions as i hadnt done them since my GCSE! (Which was around 5 years ago).

I found these videos incredibly helpful!

He has other ones for Hard trinomials, which im not sure if they are in the exam, but nice to know anyway!

This is also a good site for tests and workpapers, it generates them based on what you want in them

I also purchased a cheap GCSE booklet.

This is the one i purchased and it demonstrates alot of math related questions in simple format. I havent had my TST yet though, im just trying to prepare myself as best i can for it, regardless of whether i need to know it or not!

Im still waiting for a letter for my BARB appointment!

Just keep at the math, and write it down, seems to stick to memory better for me, i have a notepad which ive jotted down various methods of solutions so i can quickly refer to them when im testing myself.
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