Maths test at selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jmherrng, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Hi.

    Am going for selection very soon and noticed on my confirmation it suggested some maths revision. I got a B in maths at GCSE but that was nearly 10 years ago! I picked up a revision guide to realise I couldn't remember most of it! How in depth/testing are the questions and how much revision do I really need to put in?

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Hmm from my LIMITED personal experience it depeneds on several things, one of the major factors would be the TST requirement, it varies from different jobs, mine required 21, some require 25, some only 16 etc.

    I don't know if the test is the same every time, but the test paper i was given was graffitied and had a few awnsers written on it so i suspect they are reused a few times, but i found that there was several sub sections each section a 'genre' of mathamatics, the 1st question of each section is a piece of piss allowing an easy 10 or so points, the first page or two was easy then they did get a bit tricky.

    I haven't done maths in 4 years and i scrapped a C by the skin of my teeth in school, it was NEVER my strength in school, i did some revision with my brother a few days before the TST and he was talking all this maths jargon at me, i was just confused, i can do maths but once it starts getting into all that stupid stuff i just can't be bothered. Some people can do maths easily, everyone else has to grin and bare it.

    And finally luck, the TST i took was multiple choice (i thinks its the same for all) basically i awnsered all i could then took a stab at the rest, i confidently awnsered 17 questions, i was shakey on 5 or 6 and the rest i purely guessed, i had to get 21 so i was already half way there, i DID pass the test, weather it was luck or weather i got those questions i was shakey about i will proberly never know, what i do know is that i have been revising my maths a bit since i did that TST, because the last thing i want to do is turn up at Chatham for my trade training and be a compleate nimrod at maths.

    To summarise, i would do at the least some revision on every subject listed on the letter you should have been given, you will get questions on it all, i would recommend doing as much as you can maths wise, not just a single subject, i assumed the questions would be related to angles, mass and volume, that sort of thing relating to the job, there was about 6 questions on that in total. Try doing soem revision on the GCSE bitsize site, and get a revision book from WHSmith, proberly intermediate, i used my brothers higher tier book and i found it very alienating since it assumes the reader is already familiar with a lot of terminology and mathamatical rules that i just did not have a clue about.

    I sat the test 5 weeks ago or so, so i wouldn't have thought it would be too differnet. Good Luck.
  3. Get into revision ASAP basics before, are not basics now..Get your revision guide out, go through it, get on the Net..Search engine, type in maths get bum in gear then it will be a breeze for you. Typical easy Question is workings of this quadratic equation, and why does the answer come to Zero(0)only joking..basic maths is all that is required
  4. quote; Typical easy Question is workings of this quadratic equation, and why does the answer come to Zero(0)only joking..basic maths is all that is required ;quote

    c..t, had me there. I hate maths
  5. Thanks. My mind has been put at rest. My first job choice is infantry but I want to get as good as score as possible in case i need to keep my options open. Multiple choice is fine. It was showing working I was concerned about
  6. ah no worries, you get given a sheet of yellow paper to scribble on .. that goes in the bin ... well mine did :)
  7. I was hoping somebody would bring this subject up, Im still waiting for my GCSE results, I think I might of missed out on a C by stupid little marks, I was quite frightened when my recruiter told me there was going to be a maths test at the selection centre.

    He also told me that things like "pythagoras theorem" and "trigonometry" are not on this test, which sort of put my mind at ease.
    If the TST is multiple choice then that would be a great help.

    Good luck in the test mate.
  8. Mostly Algebra, cant really remember what was in it, I know standard form was. :\
  9. It's nothing ridiculous. Sat the test last week. Like yorself I havent done these in about ten years. PM me your address and I'll post you an excellent revision book I got. Covered pretty much everything.
  10. I wouldnt mind getting my hands on one, share the name haha :)
  11. You only sit the TST if you're going into a technical trade.

    It's 55 questions and I think the RE pass mark is the highest at 35.

    Starts off with basic addition/subraction and ends up with displacement calcutlations and quadratic equations.

    It's really not that bad though.
  12. RE is one of my job choices. Have already got a revision guide but thanks anyway Chiorino.

    If quadratic equations are in it do you have to memorise the formula to solve them or the formula given? Standard form is something I do remember so should be ok there.
  13. Tsch quadratic equations are a gift. Did you people never learn anything at school?
  14. Revise Fractions, Ratios, Averages, Arithmetic Progression and Algebra, Pythag is on there as well. They give you a Noddie calculater so theres nothing like trig or other stuff on there.

    I did mine up in Glencorse and they let me use my scientific calc that I'd taken up, which made it even easyer, so if you've got one take it.
  15. Wouldn't worry, I did it not expecting to (turns out I didnt need to either they just got me to do it because of my BARB scores incase I decided to go for a trade after all) - passed it anyway. The Joining Orders you got through the post list everything on there - the way I did it was answer the ones I could then put "C" for the rest :) .