Maths Test at ADSC

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Chiorino, May 27, 2007.

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  1. I've been told I have to do a maths test at ADSC in a couple of weeks as part of my job choice (design draughtsman). All I've been told is that it's GCSE level. It having been a few years since I did (my equivalent) of these, has anybody else out there done one of these yet. If so what format does it take and are there any particular areas I should concentrate on when studying?
  2. hi pal, depending on what you need to get in the test it is fairly difficult especially if you are a bit rusty as i were. You should get your instructions for the day which includes map etc there should be a sheet which lists the subjects covered, these are all covered in the test. my advice to you would be ge a key stage 3 maths book and read it on the way to selection. i only needed to get a mark of 1 for rac but if you need to get a reasonable score you will need to be prepared. hope this helps
  3. Hi,

    could you please scan or otherwise copy the sheet of paper onto arrse? I am also trying to find out exactly what is going to be tested on - the recruiting office doesn't seem to know anything beyond that it is gcse level. Very fustrating tbh. Its not like it is 'secret' or even 'restricted' information but nobody seems to know anything.
  4. i dont have a scanner so ill type out mate,

    Technical selection test

    those applicants attending adsc that wish to be considered for a technical job will be required to sit the technical selection test (TST)

    it is suggested that soldiers brush up on their maths by using a gcse revision guide from somewhere like whsmiths. They should focus on such topics as whole number division;decimal addition,subtraction,multiplication and division;fraction addition,subtraction,multiplication,division,conversion;metric unit conversion,averages,ratios,proportion/scale,percentages,arithmetical progression,standard form,significant figures,volume,equations,area,angles,graphical interpretation.

    these were all covered pal so hope this helps!!
  5. The recruiter has told you right, as I told my applicants because you need to be up to a GCSE standard, when have you ever gone into an exam knowing the exact questions?
    The reason for this is that you need to have a good grasp of maths to a GCSE standard for a lot of technical trades. As pointed out RAC only need 1 on the TST and no academical quals, but for most trades you need between 16-30 and GCSE's maths, English and Science.
    We also are aware that a lot of schools teach for an exam now a days (not picking on the students here)
    It costs a hell of a lot of money to train a young soldier to do his/her job and the last thing you want is to get a soldier in for a trade that they cant grasp straight away academically. If the soldier is going to struggle on basic maths as a technician, there is no way they can pass the more complcated parts of the course then time and money is wasted and they have to be re-traded. I just told them to get a GCSE revision booklet from the library or go onto Revision websites to refresh there minds about mahs and no one had a problem. Hopefully you have picked your second and third job prefernces with lower graded TST scores in case of all eventualities.
  6. If you haven't done any maths for a while you can expect if to feel quite weird and quite challenging getting back into it. I've just done a similar thing, no maths education since GCSE 13 years ago and have recently had to learn a load of stats. Not fun! quite interesting though.

    The only solution is to get used to using the numerate part of your brain, so I would think the best thing to do is to get a revision book and do plenty of sample problems. It's all stuff you've done before, so you shouldn't find it /that/ hard. Best of luck
  7. TST has been cancelled for RAC applicants now, and the min GTI has been lowered too. Apparently the answer for falling short of recruitng targets is to let in 'less intelligent' people :?

    It used to be 1 as it was only ever being trialled and they were going to pick the average and use that as a pass mark.

    TST (maths test) is 55 questions, divided into (I think) 8 sections ranging from basic addition/subtraction to complex simultaneous equations - as said before, go get a KS3 revision book, or bbc bitesize website and you'll be fine. I even went into my old high school and sat down with my old maths teacher, perhaps you could do that?

    My ACIO gave me a sample TST as well, perhaps you could see if yours has one to give you?
  8. hi mate i went up to selection in april and had to do the tst and im going rac and was told the pass mark was 1
  9. i was told if the first TST is failed you could resit JUST the TST at the same ADSC 2 weeks later, anyone know anything about this? Of course i don't plan to fail my first one, i did a load of revision back in march just before my first selection attempt, not done so much this time.
    I'm pretty confident, i just don't want to go into the exam, look at the paper and think is this Chinese?

    my first attempt was a medical deferal, and i got my selection tommorow up Pirbright, to be honest i think im more nervous this time round than i was last time :dead:
  10. Yes this is true but more like about 4-6 weeks to give you a chance to revise better but all depends if PSO thinks it worthwhile with your other selection results. One of my applicants needed 28 foe REME Tech but got 25 so went back for the second day. If you get this second chance remember to take your suit because once you have taken your re-sit you will go back in front of the PSO for a further confirmatory interview.
  11. best of luck mate, got mine there next week! Thank god I dont have to do a maths test though!
  12. Cheers folks. Exactly the info I was looking for. Much appreciated.
  13. good luck mate selection all in all aint that bad just knuckle down and enjoy it