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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Bradshaw, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Alright chaps just a quickie.
    As advised by rab in another topic i measured my running distance online using the measuing tool on google earth. Bloody good program it is to, i found that ive been running 1.74 miles instead of the 1.5 i had thaught it was. Last night i ran the 1.74 miles in 10 mins 36 secs, but its not 1.5 miles.
    Im just wondering if someone could explain to me how this would be worked out. I.e. how do i scale it down to what the time would be if i was running 1.5 miles? How many seconds do i take off etc?
    Would be much obliged if this could be explained to me for future reference as im proper crap at maths.
  2. Mate, just Google Earth your old route and use the measuring tool to find out at what point on your old route you hit 1.5, and lap your time there. Don't try and math it, thats askin for all kind of trouble!
  3. Brad,

    You truely are a useless fcuker if you cannot work that out.....

    I'll give you a tip. You're also shite at grammar.
  4. Well 1.74 is 116% of 1.50. 10.36 is 636 seconds. Erm. 548 seconds is what you'd have done 1.5 miles in?! I dunno, erm, I think that's right, someone else check that answer. I wasn't bad at maths, I normally used to pull the right answer from somewhere.

    548 seconds is 9 minutes 8 seconds.
  5. 10 min 36 sec = 636 seconds.

    Divide this figure by 1.74.
    Multiply the resulting figure by 1.5.
    The figure you get should then be divided by 60.

    Round up the resulting figure to get your approximate 1.5 mile timing.

    Don't be a lazy fcuker. This is BASIC stuff. :x
  6. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Your time, divide by 1.74 and then multiply by 1.5.

    Edit: Yeh, what ^ he said.. /Edit
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  7. Forks,

    You're not far out. It's 9.14 rounded up but I am ASTONISHED (seriously) that an 18 yr old is unable to work this out.......
  8. *removed for stupidity - people in glass houses etc...*
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sorry Matelot, but the .14 relates to 14% of a minute, being.......8.4 seconds, rounded down to 9mins 8 Secs.

    Pedant out!
  10. 1.74 miles in 10.36 mins.

    Break the timing down to seconds (636)

    Divide 636 by 1.74 (unit time)

    Ans = 365.51724137931034482758620689655

    Divide this by 100

    Ans = 36.551724137931034482758620689655 (time for 100th of mile)

    Multiply this by 150 (desired unit)

    Ans = 548.27586206896551724137931034483

    Divide this by 60 (convert to mins)

    Ans = 9.1379310344827586206896551724138

    Or 9 mins 13.7 secs for the 1.5 mile.

    Or, if I was thinking (or reading Dukes) 13.7% of 1 min = 8 seconds!

    Too early in the week!
  11. I'll take the mess revolver and do the decent thing! I did do it in my head though so apologies.

    But seriously, this really irritates me. I have known engineering graduates who are just as bad though....
  12. Easy peasy.

    Time taken = 636 secs
    Distance = 9187 feet
    Speed = 0.069228257320126265374986393817351 fps.

    Distance you want = 7920 feet
    Speed = 0.069228257320126265374986393817351 fps.
    Time taken = 548.28779797540002176989223903343 seconds

    Result = Too slow, more running required.

    9 mins 13 secs.
  13. Hopefully ill grow up to be as smart as you matelot, and im 17 not 18, and as i said im not so good at maths - im not so good at most things acedemic really thats one of the reasons im joining the army.
    Thanks for answering this *basic* question though, maybe one day you will be able to do it without having to take the piss out of someone because they aint so smart. knob.
  14. Lots of people would not be able to work it out. If we were all really really clever then we would all be able to spell truly, wouldn't we?
  15. Hey, are we talking standard imperial miles or PTI/DS it's only another mile miles.

    There is a feck of a difference! Usually a couple of miles(imperial)

    Or an extra ringpiece for respiration!!