Maths Question - Fractions

I'm doing loads of adult learning shoit because I'm fed up of looking like a thick cnut on paper.

However it appears I am a thick Cnut. I'm looking over my maths stuff and i've arrived at fractions which always fried my head.

How the fook do you do them???


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What do you mean "how do you do them?"

Do what to them? add them? convert them to a percentage? Convert them to a decimal?

More info needed.

edited for mong spelling but at least I can count. ;-)


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Gedge said:

using it every day and working wonders lol
I have just had a look at this, it is really simple to follow and very complete, it also has little tests you can do on your own to avoid embarrassment until you get used to it and confident.
Yup, 2nd most useful thing in the world (obviously the toaster tops everything).

Can cover all subjects with it aswell.
It's all about making fractions have the same common denominator (the bottom number), then it's easy.
There are lots of different ways of remembering things and maths is no different.

I'm lucky I have a maths oriented brain. But even so everyone hits a level where they struggle...personally never got my head around some vector maths I had to do.

I found understanding a practical reason for the maths helped a lot. As has been described before fractions are quite easy if you imagine a pie or column chopped into bits.

the total number of bits is on the bottom and the number you have available is on the top.

As others have said feel free to ask and someone will help....don't worry about sounding stupid.../we all have weak points.

I struggle with maths full stop. That little advert with the gremlin is me. I'm alot better these days but it took me 3 attempts to scrape a "C" grade at GCSE level. I then sacked it as a lost cause.

However 6 years later I've realised you can't just get away with that. I spoke to a tutor at my local college who's advice was relate it to work/hobby. So I quite often use examples like: 3 Platoon have x UGL rounds left and 2 Platoon have y how re distribute it so the 3 platoons have the same amount and the OC's group have 10 percent of the final figure. etc etc.

specific fractions example


How do i simplify that then make it into a percentage. Easy example but when its bigger dodgier numbers your fooked without a calculator are you not.
Mr_Deputy said:
you are obviously a smart bloke so you'll be fine. just keep applying yourself.
do your tables again if you have to. anyone learning a language has to remind themselves of language laws so dont be embarassed. these are the building blocks of the logic of maths and lingo!
remember the reward youself for :
1. small victories
2. the moment when you have passed - because you will!
Tell me about it. The other subject I'm doing is Gulf Arabic. Dived in at the deepend on that one but the maths is an attempt to go back to basics.
always remeber to break the fraction down to it's lowest value if possible.


14/42 is the same as 1/3 because 14 divides into 42, 3 times exactly.
All good advice above.

But watch out for radical factions like Al Queada, Red Army Faction and ETA.
Here's an (RAC) question on fractions (multiple choice):

Are 9/12:

a. The same 75%.

b. A bunch of scumy workshy fatherless who avoided the chop because no one could find them.

Answers on the back of a fiver to your local RBL...
Mr_Deputy said:
smudge67 said:
always remeber to break the fraction down to it's lowest value if possible.


14/42 is the same as 1/3 because 14 divides into 42, 3 times exactly.
Yeah, all very well, but how many UGLs do 3 Platoon have smart arrrse?
Never enough :)

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