I completed my basic training back in 2011 at Bassingbourne. When I was there I had to sit a maths exam as part of the training. I didn’t receive a certificate from the test people but have proof I passed it from my discharge papers. How would I go about getting hold of this qualification as I need it for my current role as a firefighter. I have already done 2 separate searches and they have come up blank. If someone has the name of the people who curated the exam then that’s a start. I know it’s a big ask but I am clutching at straws now. Much appreciated
I know this is the Intelligence Cell sub-forum, but perhaps you can ask a mod to transfer your question to one of the recruiting forums, as the test was part of that process?

Additionally, it may well be that one of the standard army entry tests is simply a test, not a qualification. You can do a GCSE or RSA (errrm, if RSA still exist?) course in a few months and get an actual recognised qualification.

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