Mathew Street Festival

Me and a few friends are off to the Mathew St Festival in Liverpool tomorrow and we'll be there all day. Anyone else planning to go? Any recommendations to watch in this year's line up?
I'll be there both days but with the kids in tow, so Ill be the short bald bloke with the sad expression.

The Christians ( the real ones) on the Phill Easton stage and Led Zed, the best Zepplin tribute I've seen are on the tunnel stage. Comforably Numb are pretty good I've been told. I know most of the acts are tribute bands but it's free and I've always enjoyed the atmosphere.
how there working it this year i dont know as the best place to be used to be on "canada walk" but thats all gone now and they put a canal where the stage used to go.. but will be there i drink in the grapes so drop in..
Yep The Christians are bossssss la !!! as are Comfortbly Numb gonna be a good one this year

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