Math for AT advisory board?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Gedge, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. So yeah got to go to kineton for the 2days on 29th-30th November and have been franticly trying to get up to speed on my math. Been a good 3 years since I have done any at all and alot of it just looks french to me... Anything in particular I should be aiming at?

    Been told I have a place on basic at Pirbright on January 21st so am kinda bricking it now, going to have to pull a 'Get fit quick' guide out of my arse intime for it.

    Oh just a side note, is it worth running in boots? A friend of mine just left the marines for medical reasons and gave me a pair of new lowa combat boots, said I will have to run in boots when Im in so may aswell get used to it?

  2. personally, i dont think you should.

    boots and bags when running can lead to problems (shin splints being common one).

    i would concentrate on running in trainers. your not expected to be running in boots when you start, so no pressing need to.

    especially for people who havent been running for a while, you can break yourself running with boots. at least if you break yourself when the army makes you run in boots, they are a) paying you, and b) will give you top notch treatment for free. if you turn up injured however, they will probably tell you to go away and come back when your better.

    and even the marines are told not to run in boots before their basic.
  3. Thanks for the advice, think Ill stick to trainers for now just to be on the safe side.

    Oh and he was told before he joined to get a pair and practice running in them, also I think the RAF (or atleast some reg's) get given their boots to break in before hand.
  4. I asked about that in my ACIO after I came back from selection and was told just to keep running in trainers with no weight or anything as I might do my knee's in or something.
  5. regarding maths, i suggest getting a GCSE revision book.

    i got all but 5 right on the TST at ADSC, which was apparently the best score both the PSO and my recruiter had seen, and all i did was download some GSCE maths exam past papers and work through them.
  6. Thanks for the help, just picked up a booklet from smiths. To be honest the TST is little more than lower tier GCSE maths anyway and on my selection at Pirbright of the 4-5people who took it all bar 1 got 45+/56.
  7. The math isn't anything you won't have seen at school, unless you were in the lower bands intelligence wise.

    I did my 2 day thing in October but was given the grade of "Not recommended" apparently i did too much working out :S
  8. re the boot thing,

    i can confirm this, as this happens at both Cranwell & Holton now.
  9. Lol Chris? Sorry if Im wrong but if im right then I heard the boot thing from you in the first place...