mates wife left him

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by soulhunter100, May 16, 2013.

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  1. my mates wife has kicked him out of the army house and they say that's its over he is unwilling to pay for the removal so will she have to pick the bill up or will the army pay and she has asked about the hand over of the house who has to hand it over and she has been in it for 5 years so does the army repaint every 5 years or does she have to
  2. It's you isn't it.
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  3. ******* grow up, he took responsibilty for the house, how she removes her stuff is her business however he will have to pay for the damages, if she damages it he can claim criminal damage. Why are divorces so flaming bitchy and full of vengance.

    I know one chap that agreed with his wife, and they being adults did it without all the Jeremy Kyle bullshit.

    I find its the women do they have a gene that makes them into screaming evil banshees?
  4. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    I think that if it's over and she has kicked him out and the painting hasn't been done for five years then maybe the army might do it but the handover might be different because they split up and he might have to pay because the house is on his flick but she is still living there so maybe not but they should see the families officer unless they aren't talking which would make things more difficult but the army should do it but they might not because they had BOTH been living there for five years so they should BOTH have to sort it out but as I said it's on his flick so probably he will have to do it unless they can come to an arrangement with the families officer who might be able to mediate so the house gets painted and inspected properly rather than her just leaving the place in shit state for the warden to find in which case he would probably get billed but if he got billed then he would have a case to go to plod especially if it was just maliciaous damage and not just her being a grot and she smashed the place up but it's different in Germany he'd have to go to the GCP and it works differently because it's Germany but I don't think you are because it doesn't say on your profile but if it is it's different but not in UK obviously so if you're in UK then you should see the families officer who will try to mediate of course this is just internet advice and you can do WHATEVER THE **** YOU WANT TO DO!

    hope this helps
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  5. You did that on purpose,,,,, didn't you??????
  6. IIRC, he moves out, tells Families Officer, MQ is then hers for 90 days after which she will be declared as a squatter (or something like that). I moved out, my ex moved out without letting anyone know within the 90 days, I had to go round with Families Offr, used spare keys to get in and found the place had been turned upside down, not cleaned or rubbish taken out, a complete pigsty. I never got charged for the clean up either.
  7. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Sure did.

    See the edit. Right up there.
  8. As recogonised by J, it's you isn't it, not your mate? Well, you are well and truly shafted. Some expenses are coming your way unless you can calm the witch down enough for her to make a gracious exit. Smile, grin and take it on the chin.

    Any piccies?
  9. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Surely as its in His name as the serving member - he waits til she leaves the house / changes the locks and then throws her stuff out for her to collect

    Job jobbed :)
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  10. well it is my mate but I am looking out for the both of them as they are good friend of are who pays for removals
  11. She does, it's her problem, the Army don't/won't touch it.
  12. Can't beat a sympathy-shag.
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  13. CG, see above. Once he moves out, it's not his problem. She is effectively I/C house for 90 days.

  14. And breathe.

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  15. can we have a whip round so that we can buy the full stop key for drivers lag keyboard. Sorry knowing his profession he prefers to comma at the end sorry....
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