Mates Mrs hates his mates.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by iamaviking, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. My mate has just settled down and his mrs dosent like any of his old single friends to the point that were not allowed to call round his house. He often has social get togethers at his place where all her mates are invited single and married but his single mates no chance. I know this happens in life and has happend to me before , i havent done anything ever to upset her and i havent pushed my mate on the subject as hes obviously embarrassed by it but goes along with what she wants anyway. To his credit he makes great effort to remain friends and lies to her when hes out with us for a couple of pints, i wouldnt mind hes a model partner to her, big house , nice cars (all from his pocket). I know thats life but its not really logical. can any of you ladies explain whats going on in her mind before i just form the opinion shes a bitch and think no more about it ?

    by the way he has told me she is very insecure but WTF ?
  2. She's a bitch.
  3. A psychopathic bitch - think Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction! :omfg: :D
  4. Shes a bitch and needs educating
  5. She thinks that having single mates means he will act as a single man does. If she's insecure like he says then she is probably worried that if he goes out with his single mates then he will be pulling birds, its her problem and it probably wont ever change.

  6. Hide your rabbits......
  7. Trade her in for a better model.
  8. Would you or have you done her though Viking, maybe she has a secret she wants to be kept away from new hubby.
  9. A few of you lads should go around with a bottle of wine

    and be on your very best behaviour

    talk to her

    reassure her that you and the boys are no threat to her or her relationship

    show her that you are respectable

    on no account stare at her chest

    do NOT get drunk and grope her
  10. cheers for the responses
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Just how is this in any way surprising?
  13. Hey lets not be hasty nothing wrong with a rabbit... :wink:
  14. So he's lying to her already about going out with his mates. Sounds like he's on the slippery slpope already and may as well pack his bags .
  15. What is he? a man or a mouse,tell him to put his foot down,and stand up to her!
    Its better to live as a single tiger,than a married mouse