Mates leaving do

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar69, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. My mate is leaving for a new job ( bastard ) and is having a leaving do ( hurray )

    My other mate <ahem> has just found out he has a secret admirer and whilst curious is still a happily married man mit 2 kinder and voluptuous hausfrau

    So whats he to do , he'll still go to the do of course but what abuot the secret admirer

    At worst she could be a complete moose or worse the office woofter

    hmmm decisions decisions

    blow out or off
  2. polar:

    in this day and age, the secret admirer need not be female ..
    just a note of caution, mind...
  3. hmmm might be ginger steve from the post room , he has a twinkle in his eye
  4. 2 kinder and voluptuous hausfrau = chance at good life

    new job and secret admirer = STRESS and REGRET

    chance at good life vs. STRESS and REGRET.....hummm

    seems I've f*cked up this one myself somewhere...

    (New Job was career killer... and whilst the admirer was not secret enough...t was KILLER!!! Regret was in making the wrong choice)

    Good Luck to you...ahh... err... yer 'Mates'.


  5. Leave well alone, it's just not worth it.
  6. FFS man or mouse!!! Do it and then lie like a mofo!!!
    Sheg is a sheg!!
  7. They say an affair spices up a relationship. Not that I'd know of course! 8)

    But they are all single or divorced 8O
  8. Easy question - Is a little bit of playing away worth the loss?
  9. You could consider this - would you like the thought of hausfrau doing similar to you?

    ....and what would the polarkinder call ginger steve "daddy two"? :lol:
  10. Hmmm, let me think.

    I suppose a drunken shag with horny twenty-five year old behind a pub is well worth the attentions of the CSA, a razor-sharp divorce lawyer and the chance to live in a bedsit in the grubbiest part of town whilst your ex-wife invites her new fella around to "your" house and snaffles 85% of your salary and pension.

    Tough call dude.

  11. Hey your right , I'll point these facts out to my mate

    Arrse the voice of reason
  12. Hehe, Reminds me of a time at a blokes going away do when I noticed a mate giving a wife the finger whilst her hubby was enthralling us all with his farewell speech. Poor sod, I honestly think he believed her obvious enjoyment was at his drivel.

    Bro if you're still at Kinnegar and reading this - yer a dirty b**tard. :)
  13. Well you'll all be happy / pissed off to find out that my mate saw reason and decided to withdraw tactically