Mates Got Neighbour From Hell

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Evening, lads n lasses. Just got back from mate' Alan's place (Social Housing). He just rang to say his neighbour from hell upstairs, has come home, and "banged or kicked hard on his (my mate's) wall, twice". Rattled the living room he reckons and scared his missus half to death.

    Real antisocial behaviour and chances are his safety's on the line somewhere, eventually. Only last week the chod upstairs leaned out of the upstairs window and called out to him "what you farkin looking at you little cnut?" . Witnessed, he says, and reported to his RSL. No action.

    Considered going back and filling him in, can't do that. Can't really do anything, but the guy has PTSD and this will bother him and his wife for days, and they're a nice couple. He reckons calling OB would make things worse, and he has to live with this eejit anyhow. Chances are his RSL won't do shoite about it.

    What to do? call Plod, or fill the tw@t in, or just stag on :?
  2. msr

    msr LE


    Tell him to start a diary.

  3. Registered Social Landlord :D Diary of Events?
  4. Invite him round for a bevvy, bezzer him up, then he'll be as good as gold.
  5. Gather a small assualt party, wait outside the said tw@s house, and take him away once he surfaces.

    There are plenty of freshly dug fields in Kent if you need to "hide" him.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Yes. You need to be able to produce more evidence than 'he once called me nasty names'.

  7. Get some mates in and educate them in the ways of civilised behaviour, we had the same probs they got the hump because all i got was a talking to by the old bill. But they got asbos they have now moved. Get some mates to do the damage so your mate isnt involved.
  8. Sounds familiar. Two years ago I had the same problem (they were Poles). Phoned the police and the council and they did diddly squat, we put our house on the market and lost money on it, eventually flogged to a Gurkha family. Just before we moved the Poles overstepped the mark.

    Their mistake!

    Long story short was that they got filled in and I ended up in Crown Court charged with allsorts. Luckily the Judge was a good 'un and I got away pretty lightly.

    Lesson I learnt from this was to exagerate to the police whats going on and they will turn up unlike them not bothering their arses every time I called them as I knew what was going to happen but at the end of the day you just sometimes have to do what you have to do.

    Did I regret it? Yes and No especially sitting in a cell for nearly 24 hours thinking 'well that's me well and truly fcuked this time'!
    Hope he sorts it out before it goes to far for his sake.
  9. Maybe best giving option 2 a miss then eh?
  10. Get some mates round a few nights until said chod kicks off. Then, head to his flat knock on his door and politely inquire to his well being.

    If he keeps being a chod, he could alwasy trip while walking down a dark alley, it's ver dangerous out at nights these days.

    Or you could do what the sensible people have suggested
  11. Same as Jack, filled the two lads in, smashed their house up, got arrested, did think maybe this was the wrong way to go about things, found out it wasnt really.

    Got a caution instead of court for abh and crim damage :) However it could have gone to court, except they made up some stuff, and i was at work when i was supposed to have done it :)

    They moved shortly after.

    So sometimes a kicking works.
  12. 1)Make sure there are no witnesses.

    2)Stab him; if at all possible go for the jugular/carotiod, bracchilian or femoral.

    3)Cut yourself, preferrably on the wrist/forearm(so it looks like a defensive wound).

    4)Call 999.

    5)Tell Plod the guy attacked you with a knife and, in the struggle, he was killed.

    Job done! :wink: :twisted:
  13. You're lucky you weren't in the Traf the day it happened or you would have stomped around to my house with the rest of us!
  14. :D Thanks to all, really feel for him as he's a decent bloke, like his Missus . Shame he's been lumbered with a class one cnut though.
    Phoned him and said keep a Diary, as was suggested. And if only we really could fill the tw@t in eh? Thanks a lot for the replies so far. :D

    Edited because I made his missus out to be a bloke , first time 8O
  15. It's not night in the 'shot if there isn't a bit of the old ultra violence