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Mates ex girlfriend

Got a chance to do my mates ex girlfriend, should i man up and do her and stop worrying about the aftermath, or tell her to feck off? Thanks guys.
Ask John Terry.

Sensible reply involves questions about how ex is ex, how much of a mate, how serious was the relationship, why did they split up etc.

NAAFI answer is if you were a proper man you'd have done it by now with no need to ask, but because you haven't you must be gay and should only do your mate's ex if he is a bloke. Or do your mate.


Book Reviewer
Do her in the sure and certain knowlege she will tell him, so you gain a fuck and lose a mate.
Do you know if she takes it up the council? Go on regardless I say.

Photo's will help though.....

Mark The Convict

She's leading you on IOT cause strife between the two of you, the mere thought of which gets her wet. Forewarn your mate, go round to hers, and administer a stupefying drug with intent. After she's chundered in the coal-scuttle and passed out in the aspidistras, let your mate in.

Then both of you can have your snuffling, stoatish way with her.


War Hero
Tell your mate, then shag her senseless in every hole, even harder if she says no!!!
If he is your mate then why hasnt he offered to go fifty fifty with her as shes obviously a fucking slapper.


Just make sure you offer your mate a sniff of your fingers afterwards, and all is well.
Thanks for the replies.
It was a nasty break up were she said she slept with one of his mates, she is a right dirty bitch guess all delete the photo she sent,
show us the photos to prove youre not talking out of your arrse and youre not an attention whore getting wood at people talking to you on here.
If she sent a photo then it is your duty to post it on here. Failing to do so is another indicator of gayness.

Sounds to me like you need to steer well clear of her. Bitter, psycho, bunny-boiling mate's-ex's are not the best recipe for an untroubled social life. Get down the NAAFI and shag some mentally retarded but psychologically uncomplicated fat slapper if you want to get rid of some dirty water.

I'm assuming its not a lasting and fulfilling relationship that you are after?


Book Reviewer
If she sent a photo then it is your duty to post it on here. Failing to do so is another indicator of gayness.

Remember MontgomeryofAlamein01 a couple of years back? Failed to post pictures under similar circumstances? A week later he put his Mondeo under a 16 wheel gravel truck? I couldnt make it to the funeral but I'm told his Mum laid on a lovely ham tea.
Do her, then cut her, then do her again. The whore.


War Hero
Do it and as stated pics must be posted. Your mate will forgive you just tell him how sorry you are and buy him a load of beer and he will say "well fuck her" and you will say "I did" and you will both laugh with a stronger friendship.

Trust me I know of what I speak

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