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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by numbered_3, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. ...I have a civvy mate who subsequently has an extremely good looking ex chick, he f*cked her off at the high port to go on a lads holiday ( I must say i was extemely impressed with that. )
    Obviously i want to nail her, many a ham shank has been had at just the thought! What makes her even more appealing is that she is a complete dirtbag who i KNOW does anal!
    Providing she's game should i pursue it, or leave it alone out of respect for my friend ( he's well cut up about them not being together anymore )
    A bit of a dillemma my fellow Arrsers what should i do?
  2. He can't be that bothered after all he dumped her to go on the lash with the lads, get in there nail it and get out, sounds like a chance to act on all your filthy perversions with little or no repurcussions.

    Crack on I say
  3. nail the babe, skiffe her flange and ask him if he recognises the smell, its what mates are all about
  4. What the fcuk is this, You know what to do.
  5. [quote="numbered_3] he's well cut up about them not being together anymore [/quote]

    Courage in his convictions, binned her for a holiday with the lads, reap the consequences.

    Get in there No3 you know all the girls are gagging for a squaddie...............
  6. I gotta say, im being abit of a mong on this one!
    Of course i know what to do, nail it, film it (with the aid of camera phone) show it to said mate next time we're on the lash, then piss myself laughing as i watch his roly poly frame chase me down the high street afterwards :D
  7. Live by the sword, die by the sword....

    Get in there!!!!!
  8. Thats the spirit numbered_3 now crack on
  9. sweet now thats what its all about soldier, then get her to meet you in the local at the same time as your mate, lulling him into a false sense of hope with the said lady and bang you make your excuses to mate and say your off for a bit of tiffing.
  10. I had the same conundrum when I was a young lad in Germany. The lad (in my troop) had fcuked her off (a young blue jobs daughter - 17!) so I nailed her. He found out, and being a damn sight harder than I, kicked the shit out of me. Swap a shag with a minx for a pasting. Too right.
  11. rag her everywhere son
  12. To be honest we need to think about the young ladies inner feelings and her respect she has for herself and of course the respects that you must show for her thoughts and personal space.......

    Fuc* it just nail her, take her away for the weekend bang her solid all day Saturday and Sunday, stop every so often for a brew and a growler to keep your energy levels up and sack her on the way home sunday night.

    now thats what i call a plan.

  13. Believe me Numbered 3, crack on!! One he's a civvie and secondly he finished it, so get yourself in there son!!
  14. He dumped her, and so she's probably in desperate need for some attention. And she's filthy? Crack on mate, but ffs don't bin her after the weekend. Just keep her coming back for'll make her work harder and she'll be more grateful every time (until she gets fed up and sacks it, but who cares?) Winner!
  15. I am sorry but there is no dilemma here matey.... You need to be fooking her in the ass and then pulling out and then shoving it in her gob!! That will prove her real worth as a dirty slut... and then of course the obligatory "money shot" or 2!!