Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by eggbert, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me were I could get or buy army issue maternity wear. I'm a TA solider and there is just NO WAY on Gods green earth that my unit is going to provide me with any.

    I thought maybe there was somewhere might sell it like surplus but I can't find anywhere online?

    Any thoughts would be very welcome.

  2. Why won't your unit provide you with any? Have you asked your QM staff or are you making an assumption?
  3. Are you actually pregnant or just fat?
  4. Could always alter a 12 x 12 a tad, just it's a slightly snugger fit.
  5. As Horridlittleman said have you asked your QM,s? When I worked in a TA clothing store I demanded a couple of sets for one of our females. No problems, just ask!
  6. Quite right, you're entitled to it. Just ask.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Just ask for the storemans set!
  8. 1) I did ask and was laughed at.... loudly, and they pointed. They told me to go ask the last girl who had a baby a few weeks ago if she had anything I could wear. She is 5 foot nothing and the size of a house. I'm almost 6 ft and and skinny as a rake. She got hers second hand from a mate.

    2) Yep I'm definitely pregnant and not just fat.

    3) I'm assuming then that there isn't anywhere I can get them online then?

    Well thanks anyway.
  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    It is an entitlement, but will require your stores to get off their collective Arrses and order you some in. Go back and ask them if they would prefer this to be discussed on Arrse and maybe get picked up by the red top press:

    "Army makes pregnant war hero buy own uniform"

  10. From the tone of your last comment, it would seem that you are, indeed, pregnant, or otherwise hormonally challenged. :D

    There is no way that you should have to buy this kit. If you are really getting properly fcuked off by the folk in the stores (and not just wound up an itsy little bit), go via your chain of command ie Tp/Pl Comd to OC. There is no way any vaguely sensible OC is going to let this happen.
  11. As far as I know , maternity kit only comes in the barrack dress version , so no 95`s , then given the fact that you wear them from the 4/5 month of pregnancy (working on my spouse`s version of events ), as a TA soldier how often will you wear them ? given that you will probably not attend from the 8th month .
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Solution is to turn up in the issued kit until it no loger fits, if you get picked up make a fuss, get charged and demand that the man from Q&M is your witness. Tell the CoC that now and see what happens, alternatively get some fat cnuts kit, (not mine I need it) or raid the nearest RAF Regt stores!