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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Rottweiler, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Evening all,

    Is anyone clued up with the maternity regs in respect of pay for someone who intends on staying in?? I have had a read through it but find it so confusing.

    Also with the new maternity rules coming out in apr - 9 months maternity leave, are we due to come in line with this??

    Any help greatly appreciated....
  2. Rotty,

    Your Admin Office should be able to help you. But if you tell me what is confusing, I will try and help.

    IIRC you receive 6 month's maternity leave on full pay. One month before confinement and 5 after. Beyond that, there is a reduced level of pay.

    If there are new Government rules coming in next April, and the Services cannot opt out, some poor staff officer in PS4 will be desperately trying to draft the AGAI/DN with insufficient information! If the Services can opt out, we will almost certainly do so. Nine month's away from the job is a long time!

    If there is an improvement in the financial terms from April, I were you, I'd put the pregnancy on hold.....! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. Should be fcuking discharged.
  4. Litotes,

    Thanx for that, unfortunately its a bit late to put the pregnancy on hold. :oops:

    The maternity guru at my place is on leave but your info has been a huge help. Ive had people telling me its 3 months full pay then SMP at £104/week and others saying 6 months.

    I agree with you about the nine months being a long time away - and to be honest think would do my head in.

    When i went up to confirm my med cat the main concern was if i was going to stay in or not as apparentely there have been a few cases lately of girls saying they are and then once the full pay time is up they decide they want to get out....
  5. what and waste all the money spent on training? :?
  6. that was nice and constructful sprjim
  7. well said sprjim.
  8. got to agree with spjim, and poppy what do you mean, waste all that money on training? should not of got pregnant in the first place, then it would not be a waste of money would it?!
  9. I am not sure what annoys me most: the conceit of women who think that they can combine motherhood with military service or the inadequacy of the system which allowed this possibility.

    (Rant over)
  10. Guys,

    Like it or not, this is the law of the land! If you have a problem with it, write to your MP; don't take it out of a soldier who has asked for help on here.

    Girls are allowed to fall pregnant (with help... :lol: ), take maternity leave and decide to soldier on, or not, as the case may be. Their choice.

  11. Rotty,

    1. Congratulations. I hope it goes well. If you haven't already done so, you are obliged to inform the MO. Tell your OC and Welfare Officer, too.

    2. I think that you get 6 months on full pay. I am certain that the last pregnant soldier with whom I dealt was given 6 months but I don't have the manual to hand. I think that Government employees are treated more generously than in industry.

    3. If you want to quit before the end of your maternity leave, you may do so. Queen's Regs Chap 9 is the bible. I think you have to give 28 days notice but don't quote me - I don't have QRs to hand. Again, your RAO will help.

  12. Everyone that needs to be in the know is and i have no intention of leaving the service.

    Must say the attitude of others on here does not surprise me - who says a woman cannot be a mother and still maintain a career in the service? I dont expect or want to be treated any different from what i am now - I know that unlike permanent biffs i will still have to deploy on tours/exercises.

    Are the small minded people thinking that we should stay at home all day looking after the kids, chained to the sink and live off our partners money....? Some people may choose to do that - i for one certainly wont be.
  13. Rotty,

    Unless the rules have changed since last Oct then you have been wrongly informed.

    I was given 12 weeks on Full Pay (3 months) and 14 weeks on SMP (£104 ish). If you then take the 2nd 6 mths it's unpaid (and non-reckonable).

    There is talk of bringing us into line with the civs and giving 9 months, but nothing has been agreed as yet. IMHO 9 mths is a good thing, if you want to B/Feed is very hard to go back to work at 6 mths, esp if the nipper is 5 mths old at that stage. 9 months gets you into weening time (and less guilt!).

    For those with the abusive comments - if you think a woman should not be in the army if she has a child - why on earth should a man be allowed to be in the army with a child? What exact;y is the difference (apart from the obvious of course). Get into the 21st century guys - I'd rather serve alongside a mother than a 'oooh I'm depressed lets go home and tell my civvy doc so that he can sign me off for 3 months at a time on full pay............'
  14. Oh and if you were to say you were staying in and then change your mind they make you pay back the money you have had (although I'm not sure how they go about getting it - just know of a girl at my last unit who had to)
  15. I was monging earlier so missed this. V is perfectly correct - it's a female thing (!) and there are definite moves to bring us into line with civilian practice, although I can't see any more money being forthcoming - when is there ever?

    As for all the abuse - pretty fcuking pathetic, people - although I firmly believe the posters with the biggest and foulest gobs on ARRSE are the people who actually add the least value or are just clueless walt civvies. Thanks for continuing to prove me right.