Maternity Pay - New Regulations

Mrs Bagster and I are delighted to find out we're getting a new addition to our family. Now my question is this:

Mrs Bagster is a servicewoman and as such we have read the new incoming rules on Maternity pay/leave with much interest.

We have, however, come to a disagreement as the pay that she'll receive during her maternity leave. The first bit is black and white, she'll get 26 weeks on FULL pay as the baby isn't due until quite a bit after 01 April. We both agree on that.

Where we disagree is the 13 weeks on SMP that follow. I read it that the first 6 of those 13 weeks will be on 90% of her salary, followed by the remaining 7 weeks being on the SMP rate of around 108 quid a week.
She thinks that is just too good to be true, and that she'll only get 108 quid a week for her final 13 weeks of leave.

I know she's talking bollox, I need some expertise though, please help :)

Firstly congratulations!!!! 2nd has a new maternity DCI been published?? I am aware the rules were changing but would be interested to see what the new one says.
I've printed a document from defence web that outlines the new rules that will be in place for babies born on or after 1 Apr 07, but the DIN isn't out yet. I'll let you know as soon as it does if you like.
If you wouldnt mind - i'm bang on 1 Apr as my due date!! Is it def 26 weeks full pay - that seems a big jump from 14, like your mrs says - too good to be true.
oh yes, the bit about 26 weeks full pay is in black and white. There's no doubt about that bit, the confusion is as to whether the following 13 weeks on Statutory Maternity Pay involve the first 6 being at 90% of your full salary or whether they're just at the standard rate of about 108 quid. We'll be sure to keep you informed.

Congrats back and Mrs Bagster says that she hopes the baby hangs on a few extra days, it'll be worth it :)
Never easy trying to understand them is it - i had the docs clerk trying to tell me i was only entitled to 6 weeks at 90%!! A clerk trying to blag a clerk isnt a good idea but the regs are confusing - just wish i wasnt out of trade at the moment so i could try and be of more help - will put the feelers out with my contacts tomorrow and hopefully have some clearer info for you.

Mat B1 states EDD 1 Apr so no worries there - and doesnt matter if you drop early - all goes from the EDD date but dont plan on having an April fools baby, keep legs shut for that day i think - and i know the next comment from someone else will be "should have done that in the first place" :wink:
Ok after much chasing i eventually found a helpful chap at the Y List dept at APC who states:

26 Weeks full pay,

13 weeks at SMP £108.65 a week and the final 13 weeks is unpaid should you choose to take it.
Mrs Plant_Life is due to give birth around then as well. I'm telling her to keep her legs crossed. The first one is normally late. I think for us fathers we are entitled to 3 weeks paternity leave as well.
Plant Life - make sure her EDD is stated at 01 Apr or after on her MatB1 - doesnt matter is baby arrives early - otherwise she qualifies under the old rules

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