Maternity Pay help!?!?? confused

I am currently on Mat leave and have been for 5 months now, I am still on full pay until the end of this month. Can anyone tell me what happens paywise if I decide now that I do not want to go back?

I am aware I will have to pay back the difference between SMP and the enhanced pay but how does this work? Especially if I leave and am not working or getting any income except Child Benefit at £80 a month?

I havent made uo my mind just considering my options.
Not 100% sure, but I think you just have to send a cheque to Glasgow what you owe. You just need to let the relevant place know up there that deals with those on Mat Leave. Also, I would mention it to the unit you are due to be going back to work at. As someone who has a couple of people on Mat Leave at the moment (through no involvement of my own I may add), I would be pretty miffed if they don't bother to tell me they are not coming back.

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