Maternity Leave and Postings..?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gemsipot, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. I will hopefully be starting maternity leave in a few weeks and haven't had much helpful information about what happens etc I have read the DIN thing and digested most of it and will be putting my notice in to the CO after leave, people keep telling me that while pregnant or on maternity you can put in for a new posting, I would love to move on from where I am at present, it sucks and i'm board stupid there, but whats the score or chances and how do you go about it..?

    Also when I hand in my Annex B or what ever it is ( Notice to CO ) do I have to write any special letter to accompany it as its rather simple and not much on it..?

    BONE Questions YES I guess , awaiting barrage of abuse and usless comments.!
  2. We have had pregnant birds posted in before but you are leaving the army anyway, do you really think the army are going to waste their time posting you somewhere else?
  3. The DIN quite clearly states that a Servicewoman should not be disadvantaged for being pregnant/on maternity leave. Not only would it breach the Values and Standards, it would be illegal for them to discriminate against you. Talk to your chain of command/RCMO and if necessary direct with your Desk Officer (depending on your rank or capbadge). They are the experts and will ensure you get what you are entitled to. If you sign off whilst on maternity leave they may choose to treat you as any other soldier who has given NTT.

  4. FYI I'm not leaving the Army not all BIRDS leave and will not be forced to either so screw you , in the nicest possible way dude..!

  5. Thanks for that, I'm not signing off, just no one has any answere's it's all " I think " or " erm not sure " , thats all i get.

  6. Maybe you should be clearer in your posts, you dumb bird.
    I'm not likily to screw you I wouldnt want to poke the baby in its eye.
  7. Meaning notice of being pregger's and handing it in when i go back after christmas leave, my husband dont give a rats about poking her in the eye HA...
  8. Yes thats quite clear now it wasnt at the start.
    Maybe your husband is a bit on the small side...
  9. Ideally you should put your letter in to your CO as soon as you find out you are pregnant, as the unit will then have a duty of care of a pregnant soldier. You should then receive your set formatted letter back from your CO signed, as per the annex with the DIN.
    This letter highlights your intention of leaving the service or returning after maternity leave. This should also state dates you wish to start maternity leave and any additional maternity leave you wish to take. A copy should go in your personal file (AFB9999), held with your Clerks, keep a copy yourself and ensure your Sys Coord in the Admin office gets this to deal with any discharge dates or sending away any documents, or for any future posting date.

    On the posting front, you should put a posting preference form to your boss and also update your preferences on your self serve account on JPA. Don't forget you are not always guarenteed to get your chosen posting.

    Hope this has helped in some way, rather than the inpolite comment from a so called senior member.
  10. The way itvworked with my OH, she went on maternity leave, dropped sprog, at about 4 mth point she rang y list and told them i was being posted, could they sort out posting for her, pretty please.
    Couple of weeks later, joint posting sorted.
    Apparently you get retained in your PID, unless you ask to go somewhere else.

    yMMV, ask a decent clerk
  11. To the OP, have you spoken to your Welfare Office as they should be able to help!

  12. thanks for the last 3 reply's ...