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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by claymore, Aug 17, 2004.

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  1. From today's Times. What price cutbacks in the fleet now?

    Navy moored for firefighting duty
    By Michael Evans

    SEVEN warships are to be made fast in port as crews begin firefighting training for next month’s threatened national fire strike.

    HMS Turbulent, a nuclear-powered submarine, HMS Gloucester, a Type 42 destroyer, HMS Iron Duke, a Type 23 frigate, and four mine counter-measure vessels are under orders to stay in port for an unspecified period. Commanding officers of the warships on the list have been told to expect a potentially lengthy time in port.

    One military source said: “The problem is that the firefighting commitment is open-ended. If the fire strike goes ahead we have no idea how long it will last.”

    The mooring of so many Royal Navy ships comes less than a month after the Government announced that it was to cut the fleet by six destroyers and frigates, three mine counter-measure vessels and three Hunt class patrol vessels. Two of the three destroyers will go next year.

    Under the plans to replace the Fire Brigades Union with servicemen and women, the MoD has been asked to provide 11,500 personnel, of whom 7,000 will come from the Army, and the remainder from the Navy and the RAF.
  2. Can I rebadge now?
    whats the trade pay like for the army fire reserve corps?

    from all the whinging and whineing we get from the firemen it should be tech pay at least!

    ... drinking tea ... killing cats ... sliding down a pole ... and responding quickly to fires! :twisted:
  3. Flipping heck. all we need now is a small war in a far away place and we are screwed. Dont you just love the Fire Service. the government should start recruiting for a new fire service with new terms and conditions, and when the new breed of dedicated people come through training sack the rest of the lazy cnuts, using the MOD to fill the short fall as i believe we wouldnt mind, knowing theres light at the end of the tunnel, other wise the fire shirkers will just keep striking over petty shite. "oh no - wrong brand of tea bags - lets strike"

  4. There's always reservists. "Sorry ma'am you will have to wait for the weekend or a tuesday night before we save your life/house/cat.
  5. "And all you left-wing revolutionaries dont give me any cheek,
    and start the war on friday cos I work through the week!"

    Billy Connolly (probably hideously mis-remebered).
  6. There's a possible can of worms though ... as far as I know being in the TA does not mean that you can't join a union for your civvy job. (I've never been in a union so I've never asked the question.) So if you call up a TA soldier who's also a member of another union to strike break - what happens if he refuses as a result ? The argument will no doubt be that he's there to defend the UK not be a scab. I suppose the ultimate would be to call up any fireys in the reserves and get them back fighting fires.
  7. Horrifically this is actually a significant prtion of the Navy, nowadays!
  8. You are not kidding.

    Had a bizare dream last night and i will now share it with you......

    We were all over stretched, fighting the fuzzy wuzzys, giving aids to kosovan's, covering the Fire Shirkers, and then the Volcanoe in Azzi errupted. mass humanitarian thingymajig. the runway was covered in liquid hot magma (pose like Dr Evil) and the RAF cant help cos they cant land, send in the RN, but they cant go cos they are fighting cats and rescuing fires. mean time all our kit and ppl in Azzi are in the poo....

    Bliar has to ask the merchant navy very nicely to go rescue our boys n girls in Azzi. who said no.

    Anarchy breaks out in the UK then afterwards we get a good PM.

    so all turned out well in the end.

    Was just a dream.

  9. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thank f*ck for that - I would hate to see your nightmares. :twisted: