Mate on drugs......

I have a mate who is purposely smoking weed to get out and planning on telling the SSM on monday that he got caught by the police who let him off because they told him to go back to the army and own up. I dont think this will work, I think the army will try and help him but thats not what he wants, he said he will do harder drugs if need be ?? Im stuck with what to suggest to him, ive told him to stay in but no chance of changing his mind I think. Will his plan work ?? Should I mention it to the SSM now ??


Oh thats clever, get kicked out of the forces for using drugs? Great way of securing a civvy job. Why does your mate want out so quickly anyway?
Family type stuff etc, civvy job wise shouldnt be affected he reckons, he doesnt need the armys reference and he wont get a civvy criminal record, ive tried this angle on him but he wont budge, seems to think he has all angles covered !!
Fcuk him. You have done your bit as a mate, but if he really wants to be chucked out for being druggy then he is not worth your time and energy.
His plan will work, because to stay in he will have to agree to be rehabilitated and he's obviously not going to do that.

He sounds like an immature retard. I would suggest you distance yourself from him. There could be alot of stink over this and you really don't want to get caught up in it.
I know what you mean Tiger, I just dont want him to go in on monday and not get his desired goal and then go even further. Its never a dead cert is it ?? I have heard about some 2nd chance thing that goes on at times ??
I didnt realise you had to agree to it, id heard it was like prison but for rehabilitation !! Weve had some people booted on a recent CDT so there seems to be a trent at the moment !!
Hobo-Ken said:
Are you sure? I thought we did zero tolerance for this kind of thing - or would he have to fail a CDT to get the boot?
Zero tolerance my arse. Weak COs are always letting the knobbers off.

Shame the incredible hulks friend won't go to collie, just to put off people doing the same in future.
Sticking them in coveralls and boots and beasting them around camp in their own little platoon for weeks on end before getting the boot was the way forward :D
If people are really determined to burn their bridges it's best just to get out of the way. At the end of the day he is a grown man and is responsible for his own life.
Tell your SSM what he is up to.

As for all this "mate" stuff, ask yourself this.... when it came to the crunch, perhaps where steel hits flesh, could you rely on this guy?

He's been out, come back in, and now wants out again. If he has family troubles has he considered talking to the Welfare officer?

Does he realise that this time there will be NO return?

ANd a SNLR for drugs, may yet haunt him. Even if he thinks it wont.
Bad news for him.

Any individual discharged for drugs has their name and the fact they were discharged for a drug related reason added to the Police National Computer (PNC).

It will be like herpes - but fcuk him anyway as he sounds like a waste of a bed space.
There was a programme on TV a few years ago about Colchester, its inmates and the people who run it.
One of the inmates had tried exactly what you have just described. He had walked into the gatehouse smoking a joint. He seemed to be having a horrible time by anyone's standards
tomthetinker said:
If people are really determined to burn their bridges it's best just to get out of the way. At the end of the day he is a grown man and is responsible for his own life.

Surely a better siggy block for this subject would be "careful with that spliff Eugene, it causes condensation".

Nice to see HMHB haven't been forgotten! :)

If you know, others know. There are not many secrets in a block. When the shit hits the fan, you'll get big brown spots everywhere so you should distance yourself. If you are going to stay in for a few more years, and maybe go for a promotion, a course or a cushy posting (if they exist anymore) then if you've got the brown stuff on you then you'll stay where you are. When this hits the SSM's desk, you don't want him thinking of you.

Distance yourself. Do yourself a favour.

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