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Mate being a cheeky cunt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. I'm my mates best man on Friday and he wants us to wear kilts he's now hit me tonight that the kilt is ready for collection and I'll need to pay about £50ish for it now not flush at the moment so feel like saying fuck it I'll wear my suit instead. So is he being cheeky asking me to pay or should it be him?
  2. Been best man twice, paid once, paid for once. Didn't bother me either way, but if your hard up - tell him.
    £50 ain't that much really is it? Never know, his mum might get you pissed and rape you at the wedding - you'll be quids in then!
  3. If you post piccies on here with Kilt raised (front and rear shots) I'll stand you the £50,
    £60 if someone else is holding your todger.
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  5. Not flush but bit cheeky not telling me to the last minute his mum's dead so no chance on that front EDM
  6. He's a porridge wog then? You should have seen it coming then.

    A mate of mine asked me to be his best man a few years back. I was made up until he finished the sentence with "Its gonna be in the Alps but the flights and hotel won't be a problem if you start putting some by now."

    Fucked him off at the high point and so did she a year later. He still talks about her when he's pissed the poor twat.

    Ya mates taking the piss, tell him he's paying or your turning up in a Matalan whistle.
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  7. i ain't flush either, but if you do this, I'll chuck a tenner in the kitty
  8. Fucking standards walt.
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  9. Want to bet that Red Rash will be along to crayon on this thread, "as it is in the NAAFI"?
  10. Ditto
  11. Tell him it's the wrong tartan. One of my brothers hasn't spoken to me since I told him when he re-newed his marriage vows.
    I wasn't wearing a fucking frock that was certain.
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  12. Tell him you can buy this one off ebay for £40

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  13. My youngest Son, very polite chap (ask Smudge) was getting Married in the Ice Hotel
    and asked "Dad, will you and Mrs Arters be attending" answer from moi.."Dad are
    you coming, or what"...."Son, if I can get your Mam to open her legs and close her
    fcuking mouth, I'll be coming sooner than you think" ...never went...fcuk 'em..posh
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  14. I'd be inclined to politely request that your friend go forth and multiply. He who pays, picks.

    On the other hand, my partner in shackle-dom is of the porridge-eating variety, and when he togs up the batting of female eyelashes could blow you over. Just a thought. ;-)

  15. Yes there is that however we are all Scottish so no points on that front as see someone in a kilt most days and the current G/F will be in attendance.