MAtching applicants to trade - a scientific approach

I would venture that the current method of selecting the correct sub-trade for our soldiers is haphazzard and often flawed. We need to assess individual attributes at time of application and steer our youngsters in the right direction, setting them up for success in a trade for which they are clearly suited. Think of the savings, both financially (as they will be loaded on only relevant courses) and the manpower wastage reduction, as we are steering them to what is clearly their strong area.

For example, if a young man is in touch with him feminine side (nothing wrong with that), is not too robust physically, perhaps has weak eyesight caused by on-line gaming, then clearly Security is the way forward. And all chicks to go into security - but that's obvious.

If he is physically gifted, an ability to remember key facts, presents himself as a strong and confident briefer, unfazed by G3, then Applied Intelligence is clearly his bag.

I would go into the world of IMINT, SIGINT and HUMINT, but feel I should open this up to a wider audience to ask for input. What are the key attributes that should be identified at an early stage?
Put all the f*ckwits on the darkside and all the great people on the lightside,

Oh they already do!

Stands by for incoming off Perevodkaandcokechick!
Iknowyourname said:
Put all the f*ckwits on the darkside and all the great people on the lightside,

Oh they already do!

Stands by for incoming off Perevodkaandcokechick!
A robust response, a little light on detail. Perhaps you can make like a RLC chef, and expand.
Sorry just couldn't resist there in response to the weak, speccy, gamer doing security.

Only looking at it from a generalised point of view (not special needs, IA etc) I don't think you can afford to specialise everyone. You've got to be a jack of all trades master of none, I don't see anything else working in the real world. How would it work if you had all the security types sign off or get deloyed. Who would cover their jobs if the rest were all Int Specialists.

It used to work (well sort of) that you did your first 3 tours then specialised, if you wanted, at Sgt. Then they stopped it for a bit I believe qupting the jack of all trades was the best approach, now the lads coming out of training are saying they've been briefed up they can specialise at Sgt so they need to start chosing now.

And I'm sure the security side of life would be happy to have all the females!
You either re-invent the wheel (again...which would the re-re-invention of the wheel) and do the following.

a. Divide the Corps into the following trades:

OPMI - Int
OPMI - Ling

Everyone who joins is streamed into these trades - 22 years...bust.

b. Or Everyone is streamed into a 4th trade which is OPMI. Following successful tour, you are then streamlined into which ever trade you want - 22 years...bust.

c. Option B, but you move around where MCM/'Towers' sees fit.

d. Wait for the next Brig to be nominated and he'll come up with a really bright idea, which will last for the next 2 years.

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