Match 83 and AWA

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Gook, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. I'm in a TA inf SF pltn, and been told this weekend I'm off to Match 83 in March sometime. And that its based pretty much on something called the Automatic weapon assessment. So... can anyone here tell me what you basically have to do for this event? We're pretty chuffed at what we did on the ranges this weekend and of course our PSI has got the work-up training planned out for us but a heads-up from someone whos been there already never hurts. And is it regional, i.e. just 160 Bde or just 5 Div, or national like Cambrian Patrol?

  2. Come on, someones gotta know about this!!
  3. OK, this is probably out-of-date, but as I understand it from a few years back:

    Match 83 is Army-wide; that's Regular as well as TA. The only difference is that a TA unit will put up 4 as opposed to 8 gun teams.

    My mate took over a newly-formed SF Pl; in two years of graft, they self-trained from zero to 2nd in the TA match behind 3 HLDRS (by some whisker-thin margin, IIRC). Doing well takes lots of hard work and range time, and a unit armourer willing to support your efforts.

    Best advice is to use the issue barrier cream. Really. After two years of de-gunging GPMG(SF), said mate ended up with dermatitis on his hands, and ten years on he still has problems. He had good ear defenders, so he can still hear, mind you.
  4. Is that the same as match 9 ? . It will be selection of iron sight engagements silent mark and record targets and fired on mark and record targets .And then screens up and some c2 work .And then gunner does all the work while number 2 stands at side calling adjustments .

    Stop Score :D good luck
  5. To summarise GB's and woody's posts:

    Match 83 is the regular Match, 9 is the TA match. 4 gun teams compete.

    All scores are centralised by TARA, but the match can be fired by individual teams but a Div concentration is more of the norm.

    The shoot itself isn't difficult to complete, but takes lots of practice and unit support to do well. I have a (TA) gold medal kicking around somewhere, but the unit has chopped range days severely since those heady days and it appears to be something we have to do rather than anyone being behind the Pl's doing well.

    It tests all shooting skills of the gun team - Mounting G & T quickly, Silently recording targets (mark means engage :roll: ) Iron Sight engagements with C2 work, C2 engagements, Barrel Changes, gunner on his own with controller acting as displaced observer, preparing for reoccupation, reoccupation, and finally picking up brass!