Mata Zetas - has anyone else heard of these people?



"Good afternoon, on this Saturday, 24th of September at 4:00pm we deliver the following communique.

To the federal, state and municipal authorities and society in general. As it is apparant to all of you the plight of insecurity that the country is experiencing is reflected within the nation's politics, economics, society and military.

In accordance with the above; we, the most vulnerable because of the circumstances of our way of life, want you to understand what is our role in this problem.

As an ethical principle we do not extort, kidnap, rob or oppress or in any other way disturb the national, familial, mental or moral well being.

Motivated by our personal experiences, we the members of this force that is the paramilitary arm of the people and for the people state that our only objective is the Zetas cartel, with all due respect to the armed forces that we understand cannot act outside the law, which we encourge.

We condemn the evil public servants whose support allows this scourge to continue against society, particularly in the communities of the port of Veracruz, Boca del Rio, Cardel, Xalapa, Poza Rica, Tuxpan, Panuco, Cordova, Orizaba, Perote, San Andres Tuxtla, Martinez de la Torre, Minatitlan, Acayucan, Alvarado, Coatzacoalcos and other municipalities in the state of Veracruz.

We do not avoid our responsibilities, but only fighting under equal terms will we succeed in eradicating the Zeta cartel from the roots up. To accomplish this we ask that that the functionaries and authorities who support the Zetas stop doing so.

That the armed forces be confidant that our only objective is to finish off the Zetas and that all of society be confidant that we, the Mata Zetas (Zeta killers), do not extort, do not kidnap, or in any way damage your personal or the national well being.

We respect the federal, state and municipal executive powers in their fight against organized crime, and we understand their position of not negotiating which obligates us to act covertly but always to the benefit of the Mexican nation.

We are anonymous warriors, faceless, but proudly Mexican.

We must not fall into the trap of external enemies that wield maliciousness, discredit and wickedness for truely predatory ends.

Shielded by the respect for God and democracy, we reiterate to the federal and local authorities that our fight is against Los Zetas. And if our actions have offended society, the Mexican nation and the federal authorities, we, as representatives of the force that we are part of, ask your forgiveness.

Our intention was to show the people of Veracruz that this scourge against society is not invincible, and that you stop letting yourselves be extorted

To each his battles and his fears, to us a single heart.

Thank You."
Have now, listening to this and reading the stuff in spanish on the web (briefly) it's interesting. The Zetas apparently is a group of ex-SF who set themselves up as hired guns for the narcos. What these people say is that they are sick of it and being proud of Mexico want to stop this group and those like them. Mata in spanish is kill, thus Kill the Zetas.
Seems like a band of 'normal' people who are trying the vigilante route to clean up a bit a la Charlie Bronson. Be interesting to see how it turns out as Mexico is effectivel lawless in many ways. They were at pains to emphasise that they are anti-delinquent not the government and apologise to the armed forces and cops.
Time will tell.
They're being called everything from citizen vigilantes to a front for rival cartels to a CIA death squad depending on whose blog you're reading. Whoever they are, they're not ****ing about - it would apear it was them who dumped 35 corpses (with the Zetas 'Z' carved into them) in the middle of Veracruz last week.

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