MAT/Group Discussion/Interview advice Jan 18 AOSB Briefing?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to go for AOSB Briefing in January 18, please do let me know if anyone is attending AOSB in the same month. Also, I am seeking advice on MAT, Group Discussion, and Interview. What is the best way to prepare for MAT and Group Discussion? Is it only the current affairs that are normally given as a topic for Group discussion? Some example would be very helpful. Is there any free online sources where we can practice MAP.


All covered many times in existing threads. Given the limited scale of AOSB and briefing, you should think twice before posting too many details about your proposed dates on here.
Numerical Verbal and Abstract, I was hoping someone could enlighten me as to whether it is useful with little time remaining to guess the last few answers to the questions or not.


A answer is better than no answer, however from what I remember you have plenty of time to get through all the questions.

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