Mastiff protects engineer team from Helmand IED blast

Ministry of Defence said:
A group of soldiers whose task it is to clear routes in Helmand province of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) recently emerged from their Mastiff armoured vehicle unscathed when a device exploded underneath it.

To save fuel costs why not make the rioters pull the search vehicles. If one of them sets off an IED, just call in for some more to replace them. Should the IED be followed up with a shoot, simply start the engine and reverse out of the danger area, leaving the rioters to fend for themselves. No amount of finger pointing and 'Brap Brapping' will save them.
"Hey Boss we've found one"

Nice to see Armour Barma still working well :)
They continued their journey? Surely it would have blown a wheel or two off?? Can they replace wheels and prop shafts etc out on the ground? Or would they have had a recce mech present to tow it?
If it was a clearence for a convoy then there may well have been a wrecker in the convoy.

If not then it may well have had to wait for recovery.

Most hit on the mastiff we saw required recovery due to the damage to the rest of the drive train etc.

The best I saw was a wrecker towing another wrecker, after it hit an IED while recovering a Mastiff. Awesome bit of kit.
Well the makers clam "all that happens when it drives over a landmine is the CD player skips"... taking that with a pinch of salt I still know what I'd rather be riding in.
A very strange feed.

It's not unusual to hit IEDs in Mastiff or other vehicles for that matter, during my tour every C-IED team had been hit at least once whilst in a vehicle.

Has there been a re-org of assets in Helmand? Or has the RSS feed got the unit formations and responsibilities incorrect. Last I was aware it was the C-IED TF responsible for clearance ops.


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Gotta love dogs. James has a gull-dong mastiff which he aquired when out in the sandy place.


nope you've lost me, the only sandy place james has been is margate.
Shame you cnuts at MOD didn't buy them years ago then, isn't it? instead of sending blokes out in Snatches…
Shame you cnuts at MOD didn't buy them years ago then, isn't it? instead of sending blokes out in Snatches…
Contrary to popular belief, there was considerable resistance from the field army to the fielding of a vehicle such as Mastiff, and even after they were fielded, the news from the front ws still {i]"There is a continued need for Snatch"[/i].

I would conceed that the planning for a direct reaplacement for Snatch (i.e. FOXHOUND) took far too long...and again, at considerable resistance from those who should have been pressing for it.

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