Mastiff in the News

Nothing to do with BAE.

They come from the US, we upgrade them to MOD requirements.

I have been told they'll hit 60 if pushed!!!

Ambulance version due very soon (prototype was in the background)
I met the MD of the firm back in May of last year when the IPT visited when they had just been delivered to TELIC and he is a really proactive bloke. He was keen to hear views on performance. However the need for a C2 variant should hopefully be alleviated very soon also.
Bad_Crow said:
Stand By for Dr North to tell us this is the only vehicle we need now!
Well B_C funny you should say that there are plans afoot to kit out at least two BN's with said vehicle!!
Rainbow-Warrior said:
its just like the Sea King - built under license
Actually, no.

As the man said, the basic Cougar chassis is built in the US - NP do the upgrades.

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