Mastiff Fitter Section in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Discussion in 'REME' started by 50sucksass!!, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, I'm due to deploy on H11 in a Mastiff fitter section and was wandering if anyone on here has already done the job that wouldn't mind giving me some info on it. Just don't have a clue what to expect.
  2. Grease, Bombs & Bullets :)
  3. You should be asking for a Mastiff course as PDT. If you are deploying to work on Mastiff, I'd have thought your future Ftr Sect would have loaded you on one by now!
  4. The mastiffs must be the busiest asset in theatre - expect a few late nights.
  5. have lots of dollars ($) ready to spend in the BX its very good at Qandahar!

    nice base loads to do and wireless broadband in your messes!
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Accom for Brits is pretty good, plenty of cafes/pizza/kebab places, all currency is US$, generally an OK place - for Afghanistan. Occasional IDF and SVBIEDs at the gates, but you are generally as safe there as in London :)

    Sorry, don't know about the workload at the moment - but it's liable to be pretty high - everyone loves Mastiffs.
  7. The single best bit of kit out there, keep them serviceable they are vital to our lads out on the ground. The FOBS and satellite stations in Helmand are those that appreciate their value, and will appreciate your efforts!!!!

    My lad was REME attached to 2 Scots Mastif Coy last year, in support of 5 Scots. Driving and keeping them on the road for the duration...They need you to do your job!! You'll be busy but appreciated!!!!!!!!

    Good Luck mate!
  8. I'd like to thank everyone for their replies but I was hoping someone out there had actually done the job so I could get some insight............?
  9. 50..
    Will ask my lad to post you some details...He'll probably PM you with some stuff!!
  10. Awesome, thanks very much!
  11. Passed through KAF on the way out to BSN. Looks to be OK. The Wksp looked OK but not as good as we have here. The guys who have worked in both say we have it better in BSN although the welfare stuff is much better in KAF. I don't think the mastiff do too many miles in KAF so it may be good news.
    Doughnuts and pizza all the way apparently, that is if you can get there before all the fat crab ba***rds!!