Mastiff and shameless politicking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, May 2, 2013.

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  1. David Cameron promises review of armoured vehicles after Afghanistan deaths - Telegraph

    [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Mr Cameron said he would look “carefully” at any measures to give troops even greater security.[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I feel pretty disgusted by this. Bigger the protection, bigger the bomb - Cameron knows about as much as me about ballistic protection and making the above comment really grips my shit.

    How about withdrawing now - that would give blokes some protection...

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  2. Er, because it takes time and planning to pull a mass of troops out of a conflict area; you can't just up sticks and run for the border!
    Plus we will have to negotiate a ceasefire with the Taliban so that they don't use all those IEDS they are going to/ have seeded cos we are no longer doing GDA patrols when the CLPs move out.

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  3. Presumably he was asked a question about whether British troops were safe after our 'heaviest armoured vehicle' was defeated and answered in the only way he could?

    If he'd said that increasing armour was pointless and probably not all that practical with current technology it'd just have given the redtops and the spastics who read them the chance to get all spittle flecked about the Prime Minister not caring about Our Brave Boys.
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  4. Well he has to say something. Saying our vehicles are good and sometimes the enemy get lucky sounds callous even if its true. Though it is true you can also ways build a bigger bomb. I'd rather the enemy have to work to get their vehicle kill than just go out in an unarmored vehicle.
    You made me defend a tory good thing I've got plenty of 9mm to put down range today=-D
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  5. AOS and JBM. I know, I understand. It just smacks of Thatcher saying that she would not fight the 83 election on the back of the Falklands. Que flags of the union being waved left, right and centre. Cameron cares? Cynical me?
  6. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. The amount of HME or HE that can be placed is only really limited by logistics, time available and the ability to conceal and trigger it. A big enough charge and you can defeat any PMV, even if you do not compromise the integrity of its armour. It's a COIN/SY operation and there are people trying to kill our people. At times they will succeed. Any loss of life is regrettable and tragic for those touched by it, but our aversion to casualties is becoming a strategic weakness that is very easy to exploit.

    We are soldiers and sometimes we are killed in the line of our duties. The MOD and government have a duty of care to provide us with serviceable, safe and affordable equipment that meets the operational requirement. Protection Vs mobility is always a trade-off but I really think we need to avoid another "Snatch" moment.



    PS. I really hope for their families' sakes that they were wearing their harnesses and full PPE.
  7. Maybe wrapping our troops in cotton wool will help.

    As has already been said; on operations blokes sometimes die no matter what kit and equipment they have at their disposal.
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  8. What Mr Cameron should have said is:

    'A withdrawal will be carried out with measured expediency, which will allow the inhabitants of this fly-blown Biblical shithole the chance to return to their traditional and cultural ways of life - with an emphasis on internecine primeval savagery - within a realistic and acceptable timeframe. Six months. We are positively engaging with the opposition elements that are the most likely to form the mainframe of a future Afghan government in a proactive dialogue that will ensure security of coalition forces during the withdrawal phase from an operation which has yielded results that are significantly (but predictably) less than what was expected as an eventual outcome when operations initially commenced.'
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  9. Which means "We've had enough. We're outta here because we've proved you can't polish a turd, and you can do what you want with your shithole of a country."
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  10. The only way to prevent this would be to move everything by helicopter, something that's not practical in Afghanistan for a whole number of reasons.

    In 1981, a couple of friends among others, one of them a really good mate of mine were killed in a Saracen in NI. The kit isn't comparable but the circumstances are and the fact is that while the Army conducts operations in a war zone, the enemy will find ways to attack and kill our troops regardless of how well protected they are.

    Of course Cameron has to say something about it, he is the Prime Minister and of course during the investigation, Mastiff will be looked at but the best way to prevent further casualties is to leave. That's something that a timetable is in place for and whether that can or should be accelerated is a matter for Ministers and senior officers to decide.

    That doesn't make this incident any less awful for the families and friends of those who lost their lives. My thoughts are with them.

    Casting back all those years to 1981. Baggie and especially you Winnie. Rest in Peace muckers.
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  11. I'd suggest

    "'A withdrawal will be carried out with measured expediency, which will allow us to test every spare nuke we find, just to show how much we give a f**k about this shitehole...."
  12. Maybe CMD should be asking the rather more obvious question, why are we still over a decade on so reliant on road transport compared to the helicopter rich Americans?
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  13. And whilst they have not shot down a British helicopter, with loss of life, yet, they will keep on trying and they would keep on trying. Agree with earlier comments we are in a conflict, soldiers die, the enemy will, as ever, make all attempts to kill our troops.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You think the Americans don't move around the place in vehicles and suffer IED strikes?