Mastiff and MAN Diagnostic software... Help!

Discussion in 'REME' started by BrettTaylor, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Just wondering if anybody out there can help?

    I am applying for a new job and on the application it is asking if I can give 3 examples of Diagnostic Software i have worked on including brand name.

    Now I have used the diagnostic kit on the CAT engine on the Mastiff and the Allison gear box on the Mastiff, also I have used the MAN laptops but for the life of me I can't remember what the diagnostic software was called on any of them!! Now I have only been out 11 months but it was H10 in 2009 last time i used the Mastiff stuff and same detail for the MAN... You'd think I'd be able to remember but I have had far too much to drink since then!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Isnt the MAN one MANCAT2 although i think its now called for Spaz's enquiry, i could contact another bloke i know who could tell me but im on leave and not getting paid for it.
  3. The Mastiff engine diagnostics kit is CAT Electronic Technician. I can't remember the what the Allison great box software is called, but I'm sure a quick google will throw up some results. Don't forget the Wabco software for the ABS. Good luck with the job hunting.
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  4. If you have worked on the Cummins engine in Viking,Jackal, Bucher Duro this was on the "Cummins Insite" was a piece of piss to use just plug in and either monitor or come up with active faults and delete, The Panther stuff was from IVECO "easy" system. The Challenger 2 system was on MECU, DASCU then VICS if you really want to baffle there heads with Spectrum ZX16K equivalent software management systems.They are all similar from what ive used and im a techno phobe but found them all easy to plug and play. Allison was i think called ALLISONDOC by the way and was used in the 2000, 3000. and 4000 series fitted in jackal and mastif etc. Good Luck
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  5. MAN has 3 systems:
    MANCATS for diagnostics (MOD have a partial locked down version)
    MANTIS for parts info (MOD have military specific one called MANTIS SE)
    MANWIS for tech info (Only available in MAN as MOD use an IETP based system)
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  6. UORMan, i was expecting you turn up and shed some light sooner or later.
  7. Spot on UORMan greatly appreciated and now added to my job app!

    Sleeper, more info than i could of hoped for also greatly appreciated!

    At this rate I'll be off to a land down under in no time.... Thanks again!