Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jaitobe, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know what the off-road mobility of Mastiff is like? It appears huge and unwieldy although it is well protected. Does it have an OWS like CLV and Mk3 432, reckon we need an option to fit 0.5 though and not 7.62.

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  2. I've driven it on the road and it handles fairly well, dunno what it's like on the mud though.

    As for the OWS I think the metal shield behind the weapon mounts give it away a bit..... :)
  3. I think, might be wrong, but its medium mobility at the most - so think drops for a comparison..................

    I'll know better once we've finished driver training in them.......
  4. Might be a little more unwieldy when the rest of the armour is fitted!!!!
  5. It looks rather like the illegitimate love child of a Pig and a Saracen!
  6. Your piccy isnt a mastiff, but the Yank version.

    Rumour control has it that the original version was .50 capable, but we dropped that in favour of a saxon type mount. However recent events in Helmand have shown the need for more fire power, and it has been upped to a 40mm AGL.

    Firepower that so un British!
  7. You are quite right it'll have a mount for GPMG, .50 or 40MM AGL. I have it on good authority that the short barrel of the AGL causes scorch marks on the cupola armour.

    Which of the above would be favoured by the guys using the vehicle?
  8. On a not altogether unrelated subject, apart from the initial announcement and warry name they gave it which I have since forgotton, does anyone have any info on the rejigged fv432's?
  9. Bulldog i think.
  10. On MOD website:

    Bulldog arrives at the front line

  11. Without giving too much detail away for obvious reasons, all the axles on the MASTIF are snap off, this alone limits its xcountry capability. On saying that the Americans have given their verson the thumbs up, however, the Blair cheaper version may well receive different reports.
  12. What do you mean 'snap off'? Like a playmobile kit?

    And just how does Mastiff get classed as cheaper than the baseline Cougar???
  13. The axles and fuel tank etc are designed to fall away should the vehicle be targeted by an IED or mine strike. This design means that the blast is taken away from the underneath of the vehicle and restricts the damage to those inside the vehicle. The vehicle can be made cheaper by having less armour, being fitted for specific roles ie: Amby fit, recce etc. Of course we save plenty of money by having thinner armour and different weapon fits to that of the Cougar!!

    It will be interesting to make the comparrision between the American version to uors once it roles out.
  14. Whilst a bit thin on actual details, note the following points from the MoD website:

    "The vehicles will be customised with essential Bowman radios and electronic counter-measures – and then fitted with additional armour beyond the standard level, to ensure they have the best possible protection."

    You can rest assured the armour is well above the American specification...rumour has it that Uncle Sam may be interested in the modifications himself!

    Mastiff will also retain the option to fit a universal weapons mount in the full operating capability, which again meets or exceeds the American specification.

    The axles, by the way, are a standard Marmon-Herrington design - no special tricks as far as mine blast goes (although in practice, wheels tend to get lost in minestrike). The only thing that limits x-country ability is the fact that the axles are rigid as opposed to independant, and the high wheel loading when operating at maximum capacity.
  15. Since when did things do as they "say on the tin". Clearly you are well informed. This strikes me as slightly worrying that you are giving me different information that that of those that have procurred the vehicle. Again this worries me as i will have to use this thing in the very near future!!!!!!!