Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by snacks, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. going to be on mastermind on bbc2 nov 7th 2008.
    i shall now sit back and enjoy your comments,show already recorded my specialised subject was the history of the victoria cross.cheers snacks.
  2. So come on, how much of a bell-end did you look? Was it reminiscent of that bloke who got all of his questions wrong on the Simpsons?
  3. bloody hell that was quick! 1 min
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    That's what my Mrs says!
  5. I type at the speed of a thousand earth worms me. So come on, did you fuck it up?
  6. From my reconing it hasn't happened yet! So how will he know 'how he got on'?

  7. Cos he said 'show already recorded'!!!!!!!!
  8. i have already recorded the show so i DO know how i did and i am not telling you.
  9. I guess because it's already been recorded and that the author is speaking in the past tense. Try reading it again..... slowly. :roll:
  10. snacks, did you get a question on Tom Hunter?

  11. Bastard! I applied to do the same subject in 1980 but they said I was too young. now that I am old enough, snacks eels in and takes the biscuit. Well I hope you do well because I will be sat on the sofa second-guessing the bejasus out of you and hopefully scoring more!
  12. Did you wear an arrse tie? Did you Refer to the PM as "One-Eye" and rim your opponents drinks on film?
  13. Well I hope you won, and gave Humphries a wedgy for being chopsy. Followed By a lap of honour around the chair, which you swamped later. In fact I hope you did that lot if you lost as well, and rounded off by skiffing the winner.
  14. Chap on tonight had Noor Inayat Khan, SOE heroine as his specialist subject, and did her proud. Well done sir.
  15. well cuddles i hope you have been revisind coz its on tonight and you will have to go some to beat me.. cheers snack!