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Has anybody been watching this?

I've only just recently discovered it on Watch, and I think it's brilliant, not quite as good as Masterchef though. It's a bit of a cross between The Apprentice and Masterchef, an interesting concept!
I have seen a couple of episodes.... I liked the one where they had to taste a huge vat of Italian Pasta Sauce and guess what went into it....
Yep, I was glued to it, as was everyone at work. Brilliant concept, mind you all British ideas are :D . One of the biggest rating programmes in Oz last year.

If you are watching it I won't tell you who won....mum's the word :) :lol:


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Yeah that was a good one, I think that would have been tricky even for a professional Chef. We are down to the ones when they are in Hong Kong at the minute over here, it's a bit close to call.
I have been watching it all and I think its much better than ours. I'm going to make a salmon terrine they made in one of the elimination challenges last week it looked fantastic.

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