Master of Arts (MA) in Intelligence and Security studies

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by INT_APPLICANT, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. I was having a look around at some Masters degrees recently and noticed that a Masters may be available to INT CORPS personnel. Is this common? If so, is this likely to be available to TA personnel?

    Looks a really interesting course.

    Q. I understand that a Master of Arts (MA) in Intelligence and Security studies by
    Distance Learning may be available?

    A. Sponsored by the University of Salford an MA in Intelligence and Security Studies by
    Distance Learning is available to INT CORPS personnel. The course includes part time
    study over a 3 year period and is delivered primarily ‘on-line’. Candidates are normally
    expected to possess a good Honours Degree in social sciences or humanities. However,
    applications are welcomed from potential students, possessing at least 10 years experience
    within the intelligence community.

  2. Just read that reference, and find that:

    ..a Financial Retention Incentive (FRI) of £20,000 is available for second tour operators.."

    All I got was influenza. I feel used.
  3. ....
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  5. Fine advice indeed ;)
  6. I think I know the fellow, sure I have seen him talking to Gladys in a cigar lounge once
  7. I think it was the smoking terrace of the John Barry Bar, but substantially correct. Jolly good sort, as well, although he did go to a very minor public school and didn't even seem to be homosexual, which makes you wonder how he got the gig in the first place.
  8. Bribery, Corruption and having it off with someones wife in a swingers club !
  9. Once again a thread posting an innocent query by a bright-eyed hopeful is subverted by a band of the usual wrinkled suspects. Shower of bastards that you are.

    However, when I joined the Corps, anyone asking questions about Masters degrees would have been considered highly suspect, and might well have ended up in the blanco room with bootpolished private parts, so I feel somewhat justified.
  10. You and me both mate.
  11. But even if an MA was available back in those days, truthfully, how many of us would have been able to find the time to study a distance learning package without the benefits of the yet to be invented personal computers, and where on earth could we find room to fit the CPU ?
  12. Degrees are common enough these days, I do however have a fondness for brogues, barbour jackets and gun dogs.

    I've been considering doing a masters anyway and then saw this, so thought a few people may have done it.
  13. pm me your email address and I'll link you up with the chap running the course. He's a former RM officer.
  14. Thanks for the pm's folks, will look into this further.
  15. The CPU, they were in a box body in diamond 2 at Corps HQ. I think they had a table in the tent at Div Main?