Master Gunner Rank Insignia on e-bay

I have just seen Master Gunner rank slides for 1st and 2nd class Master Gunners advertised on e-bay. Class 2 is the "Standard" Master Gunner insignia, whilst Class 1 is shown surrounded by a Laurel wreath. Both versions are available in DPM and Desert.

Am I getting old (Yes, but that's a different issue), or is the Class 1 a fake?
Do you not now have a 'Warrant Officer Royal Artillary' with a fancy badge? And Class 1 & 2 abolished to make 'Master Gunner' only? Do not know when this happened? Anybody know?

What is the badge of a 'Master Gunner RA' ?
Quite Correct, Royal Artillery Sergeant Major wears a "very" large badge, similar to the old helmet plate, not sure what the RA BSM wears, and as far as I am aware, there is only one rank/grade of Master Gunner.

Hence the question.
Does the Master Gunner of today wear just a 'Royal Arms' over Gun? If so the Combat 95 of 'Royal Arms in Wreath' must be a fake! The Master Gunner First Class used to wear a 'Royal Arms in Wreath' but this was discountinued at some time? Any confirmation on this?

This is the RAWO 'Big Badge'


Both Rank slides are wrong........I will try to attach the correct rank insignia for Mater Gunner......wait out!!
sorry about the quality...but above is the current Master Gunner Rank badge
Just the RASM, although there are two (i think) other second tour WO1 slots.
mynameis said:
mastergnr said:
sorry about the quality...but above is the current Master Gunner Rank badge
Master Gunners appear to be senior in appointment to RSMs in Queens' Regulations.

that is correct,
Master Gunners RA are the 4th senior WO1 in the Army according to the Regs so yes they are senior in appointment to RSMs. VW is the current RABSM (bless him). MG how are you me old fruit pot? It's well hot in the big sand pit, but the boys are in normal fettle!
Gnr40.....I'm well, thanks for asking......been keeping my ear to the ground and have heard very little from the boys sand-side

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