Master Fault record.

Discussion in 'REME' started by oldagecrafty, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. What is the correct procedure for submitting a fault report from another section.

    For example,
    Recovery section have a fault on their CRAAV and want FWD A to repair.

    1. Does Reccy bring a 1005 over, we input in master record and add to femis.
    2. Reccy stop being lazy, jack up their own master record and just put job on FEMIS(getting FWD A to do the work)
  2. can you not just bypass the 1005 system?... seems like a waste of paper to me!

    i have never raised a 1005 for a piece of reme equipment, its just a formality that the regiment fault report on them. (but thats first line.)
  3. Well, because it is an A Vehicle it really is down to the individual unit. Somewhere in your LAD Engineering Management System should be a flow chart that explains the fault reporting systems for A & B Vehicles.

    At our unit a locally used A Veh Fault Report template has been created that gives the driver/commander the ability to report faults and have the FEMIS job number annotated once the fault has been recorded on the system.

    Also, the Commanders' Functional Test should have boxes for A & X job reporting that can be used for the repairing section to acknowledge the fault being reported and/or completed.

    Hope this helps.
  4. 1005's will very soon be out the window. Our unit uses "JAMES". What fun that is. It's supposed to be up and running but don't get too excited as you will soon find that it's not very REME compliant. However in approx 2008 they said it will be. :D ...................holding breath..........!
  5. remerus - Surely you mean the Monthly Mission Servicing Report not Commanders Functional Test report.
  6. It should be in your Unit Equpment Care Directive.

  7. Thanks for all the responses.
    I will get my head into the UECD and see what comes up.
  8. Depends what eqpt type is being specified and which edition of 601s are available!!!
  9. ...And that's how you get an "Unsatisfactory" on your next ECI. :roll:
  10. sorry... im sure we just got a green! 8)

    besides... did i say we (the regiment) dont do 1005s?????..... i just said i dont raise them for our kit!!!!!!!!!!!! (the fitter section) :x

    seriously now... what is the point in 1005s?. obviously we have to do them because the guys from upstairs say so!
    is it not just a waste of paper? (a copy for you, a copy for me, and a copy to put in the file!!!)
    if the job is entered straight onto femis/james and has all relevant reference numbers obviously there is a fualt, and it has been reported, so it is either awaiting labour, awaiting spares, or in hand!
    hey presto everything is accounted for, anyone can access the job card, and you dont have 1005s cluttering up your desk! :D

    unless you are away on tour / exercise, using manual job cards / demands etc, why bother with this system? :?
    personally i dont see the point now we have computers that do it all for us!!