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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by BoomShackerLacker, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. This is on now... utterly terrifying competition; but some nicely presented food.

    Still waiting for Greg Wallace to contradict Roux Jnr...
  2. Roux does not worry me, Monica does though. Would you ??
  3. Undoubtedly, but I wouldn't cook her breakfast :D
    Some of the so called profesionals on Master Chef wouln't have lasted long in many profesional kitchens. The episode where all three served raw chicken being a particular examle of why not.
    Even the french guy last night who produced pretty impressive food mnaged to serve ten minutes late, that would get him sacked in most busy kitchens.
  4. I'm amazed at the poor cooking from some of the "professional" chefs, some can't even cook a pancake and many serve raw meat. Where did they find them and have they really been to catering college?

    Would I do Monica? Yes chef!
  5. :D "Pro Chefs" and "Celebrities" . Fakes on daft salaries. There are twenty somethings in good Restaurants, who nobody ever heard of , who could run rings around these luvvies. No respect for anyone who's not grafted for a few years in the culinary sweat shops, or shite hole Pubs, and on to Hotels cooking for a few hundred, on their jack, without TV cameras twisting the truth. Try 200 hungry soldiers and hairy arrsed SNCOs breathing down your neck, late nights with one solitary compo can opener and no Tilly Lamp.

    Raw chicken :x and daft tw@ts serving test tube freak food, before poisoning hundreds of people. Those Army cooks get stick for their Capbadge, but by feck , no stuff I ever ate was ever raw x.

    Floyd was right.

    And breathe.... :)
  6. :clap: :clap: :clap: :mrgreen:
  7. FFS don't let sainty loose on it he will bump off the lovely Monica

  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ono of the chefs tonight,Robert, is from RMA Sandurst,he passed Monica's eye so far...
    Cooking Scallops,when Michel remarked on his teqnique,he remarked " Dont often cook with them at Sandhurst,more Protein based"
  9. On Beeb Two now in one starred ristorante... terrifying!
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ya girl chef Marianne would get it!
  11. Interesting that Roux is judging on which chef 'is learning the fastest' versus those that are most accomplished... surprised Ludo went...

    Reminds me of the chap who went for a vasectomy and the nurse said: 'that chap has the word LUDO tattooed on his wotsit!'

    and the other nurse said:

    'That's not LUDO, that's Llandudno...!'

    Scarf and titfer pls waiter!
  12. Can anyone tell me how to become a "Food Critic". Is there training involved.??????. Looks easy to me. Giz a job!.

  13. Last night showed, IMHO, that the correct 3 got to this stage. I cannot yet decide which one is going to win but suspect that as the pressure builds over the next couple of days the young lady will crumble leaving the 2 real chefs to scrap it out. Should be good tonight cooking for loads of sports celebrities at Stamford Bridge.
  14. Agree that the current 3 are the pick of the crop. I want a go of that tequila dessert from the other night. Some of the winners of the early rounds seemed to go through by simply being the least crap. My favorite has to be the girl who cut some butter for the scrambled eggs or whatever she was cooking on the same, still bloody, board she had just chopped up the rabbit on, using the same knife. I think Monica's head was about to explode.

    And the bird would still get it.
  15. :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :chef: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry: :hungry:

    The T E N S I O N!