Master And Commander

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rumrunner, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Just watching the above for about the forth time, I have to say, I never fails to enthral me! We will never know if it is any way a true or accurate pictorial representation of life at sea in the Navy at that time? A great story though with good acting. Gets my vote. Perhaps it is a classic?
  2. Loved the film. Only thing that struck me at the end though was "the rare phasmid" - how easy would it be to make a British frigate appear like a whaler not under command?
  3. It's full of liitle details, and I see different ones each time I watch it. Just noticed, in the scene where they are rigging the new spar, and have to steer a course due south, there's one of the crew perched out on the beak head, having a cr@p. Brilliant film . . .
  4. Sorry Gook, too deep for me. Just a plain old soldier.

    Lol :wink:
  5. A really great film. Russell Crowe, INMHO was far better in this than he was in Gladiator.
  6. I agree, especially when they drill a hole in the old blokes head
  7. Cutting edge stuff in the RN medical branch these days!
  8. I thought Frigates, like all warships of any size, had "Fighting Tops" on their Masts. So the "trick" seemed odd to me. I conceed though That I have done no where the research of the Book's Author.
  9. I though Gladiator was much better.

  10. The film was a combination of two books Master and Commander and The Far side of the World part of a 20 book series by author Patrick O'Brian. I'm currently on book 11. They are excellent reading. I hope they make more movies of these books.
  11. Brilliant film, i must have seen it about 5 or 6 times by now, better than Gladiator imo..
  12. Great film but I never got into the books. IIRC O'Brian admitted that his inspiration for Jack Aubrey came from the exploits of Thomas Cochrane.

    Read 'The Sea Wolf' by Ian Grimble for Cochrane's story. You'll recognise several Aubery stunts and tactics. Cochrane's great great something grandson is a serving naval officer (Captain) and a bon ouef to boot.
  13. It is indeed a synthesis of two of O' Brien's books. In Master and Commander, Aubrey does battle with a large French Xebec frigate that was preying on commerce in the western Med, and The Far Side Of the World deals with the pursuit and and destruction of an American privateer sent to attack the whaling fleet in the South Pacific during the War of 1812.
    As it was a French ship that got kn*bbed in the film, I assume that it was made with the American audience in mind...