Mastard Boths!

I swear these moths are driving me crazy!!! My mum left the office at 7 with her window wide open and lights (6 huge lights like they have in modern 'special' classrooms) on. I noticed about half and hour ago how annoying these little things are! Enemy forces estimated at 50+ Actions on: Spray liberally with insect killer, when they start spiralling downwards smack with ringbinder. Tell you something though, theres nothing more satisfying than smacking a flying moth with a ringbinder....except maybe the scream my mums gonna give me tommorrow when she finds a pile of dead moths on her chair....teach her to leave her window open!
In my youth, a practice called 'moth scoff' proved to be a tasty alternative to squishing !!!!!!!!!
Heeheehee. Just swatted a moth. As it lay dying its partner moth came up to it to say its goodbyes. I watched for a second...feeling their sorrow...then I sprayed them with the insect killer!!!
Have you tried hair spray coupled with flame?