Massively Skiffed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by POGscribbler, Nov 18, 2010.

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  1. I have just been massively skiffed by Hoover, I have a washing machine just out of warranty that has just gone dead. When phoning the help line I was offered an extended warranty for 12 months (£159) with a new for old replacement guarantee or a minimum call out fee of £140 so it made sense to take the first option. waited in all day, then a young whispy bearded chap arrived and proceeded to tell me he had a degree in quantum physics or something and was fixing washing machines until he got a proper job and then he delighted in telling me that the only thing wrong was the vibration of the spin cycle had shaken an electrical fastening loose and that he had put it back in and cable tied it in place, I mentioned that washing machines, by their very nature vibrate and this should surely be something that the manufacturer has thought about as a potential issue and that having a liberal supply of cable ties and speed cuffs etc.. in amongst my army kit it shouldn't cost me £159.

    Any thoughts folks??

  2. Thoughts?

    Buyer Beware. You bought the service, they provided the service you've paid for. Thats just the way the cookie crumbles I'm afraid.
  3. Isn't there a local appliance repair bloke? Most towns have at least one, usually some poor sod hovering on the edge of bankruptcy because he doesn't rip you off and because most people prefer to go to the manufacturer or superstore and get shafted sans Vaseline like you were, rather than look in the phone book.
  4. Did you pretent you were a deaf and dumb mute so you could show him pictures of what you wanted doing to make it more interesting?
  5. In most of the movies I've seen when a washing machine repairman comes into the house he proceeds to fuck everyone there before spraying his seed in to their open mouths:

    I'd say you got off lightly
  6. POGScribbler,

    When you say the Warranty had expired, how old is the machine?
    A European directive states that all goods, including cars should be defect free for a minimum of two years.
    I had a similar experience with Dell when I noticed that the warranty expiry date on the support website indicated my PC only had a one year warranty. I Emailed Dell and got an acknowledgement that their date was incorrect, my hard drive gave up when it was week over one year old and they repaired it under warranty.
  7. Especially since he didn't actually Skiff you.
  8. my fridge died it worked out cheaper to buy another one rather than get some theiving bullshitter in to tell me a fuse had probably gone

    Throw away society, tradesmen so fucking expensive that its easier to buy another rather than pop a component in. No doubt the bloke who removed said fridge did just that and sold the fridge on... wankers

    You haven't actually been skiffed, it just feels that way
  9. I'd have fixed it myself, but I am an electromechanical Tiff god, who swings ten inches on the slack.
  10. Not the thread I was expecting.

    Very disappointed with the OP,leading people on like that,very bad drills.
  11. I massively skiffed an EOD RE Staffy in GV after a night of shagging an EFI bird.

    He had asked me if it was true that I was humping her so I thought it was the best way to confirm that I was.

    He was sick outside the CORIMEC :)
  12. Interesting observation Sunray Minor...

    you've clearly visited my website.......!!!!

  13. As a tiffy you wouldn't though would you? You'd get someone skilled to do it, safe in the knowledge that you could shit on them a little more than normal if they didn't do a good job.
  14. ooh! tech trade war hand bags at 20 paces
  15. I have, have you thought about doing a sex version so I can show fat birds in noisy nightclubs what I'm going to do to them later?